Man, when was the last time I was compared to Hitler?! You people are too fucking happy. Its time I reminded my abjects who ruled them all with an iron fist! Bow before me peons! Bow and gaze at the ruin I bring to your miserable existences!


You haven’t participated enough in our longer, more heated threads. I refer you to Godwin’s Law, in my sig.

Im sorry, but im more the type that prefers to think of you as the guy who likes to fuck sheep.

  1. Are you angry that you were compared to Hitler, or because you HAVEN’T been compared to Hitler in a while?

  2. Happy? I’d say most of the recent posters are a bunch of whiners.

  3. I refuse to bow down to someone who looks like Tommy the Green Ranger. Get a haircut first!!


I refuse to bow unless I see some totalitarian show of force damnit!

No problem, man:

I thought you had a iron fist like Stalin? gets punch into a wall by Sin


Dun-dun-dun! huge blood splats and screams go around FATALITY!

Wait a minute. Your ‘abjects’?

[Angry Kain-like voice] I serve no one! [/Angry Kain-like voice]

(From Easton’s Bible Dictionary) (Psalms 35:15), the translation of a Hebrew word meaning smiters; probably, in allusion to the tongue, slanderers. (Compare Jeremiah 18:18.)


I think that you’re more like Flagg; Hitler wasn’t all that smart from what I’ve seen.

Guten tag, mein fuhrer.

Even if Hitler had a few functioning brain cells, the charlatain he appointed as his personal doctor really fucked him up with amphetamines and weird pseudo-treatments. He became reckless and paranoid, and I personally believe that he was already mentally imbalanced before that. Considering all that, I’m not surprised he was going completely senile some time before the end of the war.

you’re a sweety baby

To prove your point, ban some random dipshit<!-- who isn’t me–> for absolutely no reason.

…Crab battle?