Argh! As if EU's answer to DMCA wasn't bad enough...


I mean, seriously! E-patents do much more damage than good, that’s a fact, and it will always be so.

They looking to kill all innovation or something? If this keeps up I’ll move to India or some other place where E-patents aren’t legal…

I find this quite revolting. Corporate greed knows no bounds, I’m afraid.

Some people called that “operation justifying piracy”

Who is the greater pirate these days, the one who sells at abusive prices, or the one who copies for personal use?

I don’t get it.

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I don’t get it.

I’ll need this paragraph to explain what I think:

The EPO has been illegally granting patents for computer programs for two decades. This practise completely contradicts the Munich convention, which in 1973 established the EPO and decided that computer programs and other rules of organisation and calculation were not patentable inventions under European law.

I think software in Europe may be protected by copyrights but can’t be patented. With this new law thing they can be patented.

If I patent my software, then people can’t develop another software that is similar to mine. So, small software companies won’t be able to develop anything since most that comes from them looks like something from big companies.

Just think of this: If one version of Linux (say, Red Hat for example) is patented, then nobody can develop anything similar to it. This means no other version of Linux may be made.

if its open source how does a patent do anything?

This is completely insane. Those guys want to monopolize every singe bit of data that has been created so far.

Yeah, that’s basicly it in a nutshell, although it goes way beyond that.

I make an E-commerce site in PHP, I have to pay license fees to the person who got patents on E-commerce sites.

I make a webbrowser, I have to pay Microsoft in order to distribute it.

The list goes forever on.

E-patents sucks, pure and simple. And they slow down both research and competition. Stops Piracy? Hell no. Not in the least.

It will only encourage it even more. The outrage will not be contained.

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if its open source how does a patent do anything?

GNU was supposed to protect it. But there is a billionaire case in justice against Linux because of something similar to the topic of the thread. UNIX developers are suing the developers of Linux and are threating to sue companies that use Linux as well.

At MS’s behest, methinks.

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At MS’s behest, methinks.

Actually, those UNIX guys are short of money and it seems like this suing had something to do with them wanting to sell their company to Microsoft. Imagine BG being the sole owner of UNIX. Imagine he patenting it. What would come next? Big Brother?

Fact is, Bill Gates can’t patent UNIX in order to harm Linux since Linux were being used before UNIX got patented. Prior Art clause and all that…

Note though that almost everyone in the worlds of UNIX and Linux are laughing at SCO right now.

SCO doesn’t have much evidence to come with, either, and they’re trying very hard to FUD their way to victory… A strategy which is risky at best, against the giant IBM it’s next to foolhardy.

Looks like we’re gonna have a few band of E-Robin Hoods and Merry Hackers riding the digital countryside, pirating from the rich and open-sourcing to the poor…

Now just wait while someone patents the for() loop. Shit. My programming style lives and breathes in for() loops. That and the Tab key.