Are *you* being haunted?

I found this site last summer and just dug it up again. Even if you don’t believe in spooks and ghosts it’s still kinda entertaining.

If you look on the right hand side, there is a heading Hauntings…choose your country (Only US, UK and Canada folks :slight_smile: find your state/province/country and then you can look for hauntings that have occured in your area. it’s kinda interesting what you may find…I never expected Halifax Nova Scotia to be listed but there was lots of little info bits on ghost sightings around here. Find areas when you live and post em :slight_smile:

[b]Acadia University, Seminary House, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
See website for information.

Seminary House (1878), a fine old frame building with an addition added in 1892, was built to address the concerns of Baptist leaders regarding the lack of educational opportunities for women. The harmless spirit of a flaxen haired girl has been spotted in one of the study rooms here[/b]

I have a friend going to this college. Wonder if he’s seen her.:stuck_out_tongue:

[b]Bedford Basin, Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia.
Located in the Harbour.

As you travel along the scenic Bedford Highway between Halifax and Bedford, stop and roll down your window. You’ll be surprised what you hear. You will hear the sounds of muffled oars and straining men as they spend eternity trying to get ashore[/b]

bedford Basin is 7 minutes away and Ive been past is numerous times. This seems a bit ridiculous, but the Halifax explosion, in 1917 (biggest man made explosion in the world prior to nuclear bombs) happened around here…

[b]Berwick, Nova Scotia.
See website for town information.

The beautiful town of Berwick lies in the centre of the famed Annapolis Valley, nestled between the North and South Mountains and is the apple capital of Nova Scotia. It’s also famous for sightings in the 1960s of a twenty foot tall humanoid creature covered in hair.[/b]

FREAKY!!! MY CAMPGROUND IS HERE! I have walked in this village dozens of times and I haven’t seen anything scary but still I’ll be looking over my shoulder next time.:stuck_out_tongue:

[b]Halifax Infirmary, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
See website for information.

Although this is a new building, built less than ten years ago, its still rumored to be haunted by shapes, sounds and an evil presence on the 4th floor. Some feel it may be the spirit of people who passed away in the Camp Hill Barracks, which were once located where the hospital once stands. Several graves were reported to be unearthed during construction.[/b]

I’ve been here before…that’s creepy…never met anything on the 4th floor though. I hope nothing happens to me and that I end up there >>

[b]Louisbourg Fortress, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.
See website for information.

Each summer the Fortress springs to life. Dozens of costumed animators become the town’s residents of the summer of 1744. Period homes, exhibits and theme centers line the central streets of Rue Toulouse and Rue Royale, as well as along the busy waterfront (quay). Apparently, the spirits of those long past get into the game, as well, as they make frequent appearances.[/b]

The fortress built hundreds of years ago when the Acadians were battling against Britain. Halifax was built because of Louisbourg.

[b]McNab’s Island, Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia.
See website for information.

The island is home to many a spirit. The cries of children who died in an orphanage fire, a spectral horse and carriage and the headless ghost of Peter McNab, who wanders the island looking to reclaim his head.[/b]

Ive been here, and I remember seeing a creepy looking guilotine…you know, those head choppers. Didnt feel safe there Now I know why.

I’m not haunted. I haunt.

I’m haunted by erotic dreams about you every night Eva

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, Ontario.
See website for information.

Before this building became the Hall of Fame in 1993 it housed the Bank of Montreal from 1847 to 1983. Rumor has it that, in the 1950s, a teller named Dorothy took one of the bank-revolvers to the upstairs women’s washroom and shot herself in the head. Apparitions of a woman have been spotted here as well as doors opening on their own, sounds of moaning and items disappearing on their own


Im being serious guys jumps up and down in rage I wanna know the paranormal shit that goes up in your towns! A pox on you both! This stuff gets me off I love it!

Hades PM me later.

Haha kidding. Now fulfill my request!

Spring Park, Harrodsburg

<b>Many thanks to Todd Matthews for the following, “I hoped to catch a glimpse of the girl who, in Dr. Lynwood Montell’s book, Ghosts along the Cumberland, still haunts the park. Could a clue lie in the southern tales of apparitions dancing in the park? Try as I might, she and I did not cross paths that night. But are there those out there that have seen what they think to be the spirit of the “Girl Who Danced Herself To Death” at Graham Springs around 160 years ago. I have to wonder how time has distorted the tale. What really happened that night at the hotel? Why did she use a fictitious name? And, I venture further to say, is she still here among us? On a case like this one, a different approach is required. I can’t find a private investigator or check driving records or the NCIC. We have to go back a bit more; folklore, ghost stories and genealogy records. I hope anyone out there that might have information of any kind on the case would share it with me. I will also be getting in touch with the good people of Laurel County and Jefferson County in Kentucky as well as Claiborne County Tennessee.”</b>

Thats the only one of my town. Its more of a distorted historical thing than a ghost tale if you ask me. Though her grave is right in front of the park near my local hospital.

Looked up Vermont, only been to one of the places mentioned:
“Champlain Mill, Burlington.
Once a woolen mill that flooded in the 1920’s, this Arts & Crafts mall still houses some of its old residents. Voices of children, machines running on their own and the reported sounds of water rushing through the basement is commonplace.”
0_o Now i’ll try listening for that eep, though i don’t think there are any shops in the basement, cant remember. I actually have this book…somewhere, only read a little bit long while ago though. Vermont means green mountain so hence the books title, if you couldn’t guess.

Used to live in Virginia Beach, Va; wasn’t much listed for that city, lots of other stuff in Virginia of course. I watched this one show probably on the travel channel about hauntings of Hawaii, remember they talked about this one hotel and then this specific hill or something, its probably listed on that site.

When i was a kid my thinking was if i thought that ghosts existed i would see one, would also see one if i thought they didn’t exist. I remember being scared trying to think both those things so wouldn’t see one. There was one time waking up one morning going into the kitchen i saw what seemed to be a piece of paper floating in the sink, scared myself a lot. It was just a note taped to the faucet of the sink, helps if i wear my glasses. ^ _ ^;

Never have seen one yet, might be able to handle seeing one without freaking out as much now.

WCU, Ramsey Hall, West Chester.
See website for information.

Dorothy Ramsey, a former English professor, still haunts her namesake. A plaque dedicated to her memory indicates she passed on April 31st, even though there is no such date. Some think she is so angry over the error that she haunts the Hall still.

Buh. -_- Everytime we take a tour of that college for our school someone is like “OMG LOLZ THERZ A GHOST HEER.”

Nothing from my area on that website, but I know a good one. There’s a dorm called Andreen here on my campus, and the campus legend is that the ghost of a kid who hanged himself on the fourth floor about 40 years ago still haunts the third floor. Somehow the body got dragged down to the third floor after he got hanged, and no one ever found out how or why. Nowadays its more of joke really – Andreen got converted to an all girls dorm five years ago.

Hot Lake Hotel, LaGrande.
See website for information.
*Website, Tour Information ((Actually broken, I think))

This old hotel was very popular for its healing hot springs. Many paranormal occurrences have been reported here.

I heard about this… 40 miles from Baker, my home town. There are also tales about it being a mental institute, and rumors of horrible practices. You know the usual.

I kinda want to check this out, though… call it a morbid sense of curiosity

New Bridge Middle School, Jacksonville.
No location found.

Banging heard in the basement and doors that slam shut on their own.


A friend of my mom’s lives (or used to live) in a haunted house. It was a location on the Underground Railroad; we don’t think there’s a connection, though …

Abington Presbytarian Church, Abington
The spirit of a small child displaced from her final resting place has been seen in the windows of the church as well as sometimes praying here.

::dekar!:: That’s like a ten minute walk from my house! Geez, I didn’t even know about that. Assuming that I’m remembering the right church. Of course, if it’s not, it’s still nearby: there’re 12 churches on a 5 mile stretch of road, and that’s not counting another dozen or so in the neighborhoods just off that road.

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh
The basement of the Old Main Admin Building was once part of the Underground Railroad. Lights go on and off on their own, doors slam and the sounds of voices and moans are reported here.
11.23.03: F.J.K. writes, “I go to Duq. and actually work on the Ground floor as well as in the basement of Old Main. I’ve never seen nor heard anything spooky while down there. I spent most of the summer working in the basement and felt uncomfortable a few times, though. Besides, Pittsburgh Catholic College, as it was called then, didn’t exist until 1878… and Old Main wasn’t built until the 1880s, long after the days of the Underground Railroad.”

Hmm, never been down to the basement there.

I think I’ve heard of more, but can’t remember any, and haven’t had any experiences myself. There was a day care facility I went to where a number of kids claimed a librarian haunted the place after being crushed to death by a shelf of books, but no one ever had any real tales of encountering said librarian (besides the fact that I don’t think there ever really was a librarian to begin with).

I might be spending a night at a haunted house with my class before graduation. :kissy: That would be so cool!

I saw a ghost once, at a concert. It was the ghost of FUNK. \m/

WA1 Nightclub, Warrington, Cheshire.
See below for information.

A visitor writes, “The figure of a lady has been seen on several occasions walking through the winebar on the first floor and out of the door around 6.30 am by the cleaner. On the top floor the owners have had thier shirts tugged from behind only for no one to be seen. One night one of the coowners, Charlie Wallwork, was up a ladder painting the wall only to feel someone’s hand grip his left shoulder, as if to say stop what you are doing, and to this present day the wall still remains unfinished. The badges on front of the beer pumps have been found on the floor on the top bar area. We are still looking into this to see what else might be causing it. We have recently discovered that the premises were built as a factory many years ago and we are currently seeking further info on the history of the place.”

Apparently the college I’m going to has a ghost in one of its buildings.

Oh I believe in it allright… I’m not even going to get into why. X_X

East Kirby Airfield, Lincolnshire.
See website for information.

07.31.02: Many thanks to Don Bryans of Midlands Air Crash Research for the following . Don writes, “An airman, wearing WW2 flying kit, has been seen walking towards the control tower, dragging his parachute. He was killed when his B-17 crashed. Strange lights have also been seen in the control tower itself.”

Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, England.
See website for information.

Located on the University of Evansville Campus, Harlaxton Manor - now called Harlaxton College - is haunted by a hooded monk, woman in white and a mysterious man all in black.
-Spent the night there about thirteen years ago, didn’t see anything though :frowning:

-Virtually every house that’s been associated with my family has been haunted in one way or another- my Grandparents’ old shop was not only haunted but very haunted, one ghost in particular that took the image of a female statue absolutely scared the shit out of my brother, he still can’t drive past the house almost 25 years on. The house where I grew up in, as well, was apparently built on the site of a monastery that got torn down by henry VIII (not by him in person, but you know what I mean), and for all the 13 years I lived there, I simply would not voluntarily spend time in my bedroom (except when sleeping or when someone else was up there), it gave me such unease. :-/

This is a few miles from where I live, never been there though:

White Horse Pub, West Yorkshire.
No address listed.

The following vigil was held by Mark & Julie Hunt, Paranormal Investigators for A.S.S.A.P 1997-onwards. Vigil arranged on behalf of A.S.S.A.P, 20, Paul Street, Frome, Somerset. BA11 1DX. England.

Haunting Christmas melodies are being heard from a pub’s jukebox - even when it is switched off. The sound of a woman singing such festive favourites as The Holly and the Ivy has been heard at the White Horse pub in Birstall, West Yorkshire. Locals have reported seeing the small figure of a woman dressed in black wandering the grounds of the historic house. This has led to speculation that the mysterious caroller could be the ghost of a nun killed for her support of the Royalists during unrest following the English Civil War. Legend has it that her body was dumped in the well which still stands behind the pub.

Upholland is next door to my school…

St. Thomas the Martyre Church, Upholland, Skelmersdale.
See below for information.

Barry writes, “It was a Saturday night at midnight and myself and my son Jonathan decided to explore the grave yard at St Thomas the Martyre church. Before we went out I had a premanition to go. We walked around for about 10 minutes and then we saw a white figure of an old woman with a black shoulder shawl. She was looking in to a grave and looked very upset. She turned around and faced us and turned back to the grave several times. She seemed to know that we were there but did not seem disturbed by our presence. After 10 minutes a small rectangular object appeared in her hands. This object seemed to glow and she held the object very gently. Whilst holding the object, the figure seemed to be very upset and her shoulders shook. All the time we asked each other what we could see and at all times we agreed on what we were witnessing. After 15 minutes, I suggested that we make our way home. We walked 20 feet or so and then the glowing object sped from the white figures arms and sped past us along the ground. It dissappeared down into a grave. The next day we went to church and after the service we went to investigate what we saw. The grave where the glowing object dissapeared was that of a baby who died in infancy and the grave where the white figure was peering into was of some one with the same name. With the dates it was possibly a grandparent.”

I have never seen a ghost in my life and I do not know if there truly are such things, but I should like to visit a haunted house, castle or other place at some time, especially some of the haunted castles in Scotland like Glamis and Fyvie.

My sister has a friend whose house, which is over one hundred years old, in the heart of Vancouver is said to be haunted by the ghost of the former owner, of the house. The ghost looks like a kindly old woman, who makes sure that the house is safe in her rounds at night.