are X-Box mod chips legal?

Your threads are starting to irritate me.

There are no good soderless ones. Just suck it up…or do a softmod.

And yes, they are legal. Any modchip is legal so long as it does not contain DMCA violating code, ie: bios that bypass copyright protection.

So in laymens terms: Are you using it to play burned games? Then yea, its illegal. Are you using it to run linux-on-xbox, or for developing code? Then no, its not. But judging by who you are, you probably want it for the illegal purpose.

Also, had you read the sticky in this forum, you would know that even though these items are “legal” discussion of them is banned. Expect this to be closed, and try going to a forum designed for this kind of discussion (ie: Afterdawn/Packetnews).