Are video games in a dry spell right now?

I’ll admit, I havent been keeping up on them in the last month or so, but It seems like there’s nothing really new coming out. Is it because of the Wii and PS3 coming out in the fall?

GTA:LCS came out for the PS2 just last week.

That hardly counts. It’s just a port of the PSP version

Eh, not really. Video games aren’t in a dry spell as a whole, they just haven’t come out with any good ones lately. They will soon though.

I know it’s a port, but given the general lack of PSP ownership (especially among RPGC), it felt worth mentioning.

It’s summer.

Time for Monkey Island TM!

TD speaks the truth but the PS3 and Wii coming out has to play a part in the whole thing. Think of it this way- come October-ish, the market’s gonna see a flood of near-biblical proportions. I’ve got my shopping list ready. :slight_smile:

Uh… that’s what I ment by dry spell. There’s not much coming out, and what is isnt too good.

I agree Dragons. There is a dry spell. I can’t even think of a single good game that has come out this summer.

Nothing good has been out over summer the past few years.

Harvest Moon? D:

Video Games in a dry spell? No way! Street Fighter Alpha Anthology just came out!!!

Why would companies release anything for a set of dying consoles, when they could make their new titles for the next generation?

You have a point. But off topic, how did you do that? You’re, um, banned…

No, Devillion’s not: it’s just his title. Banned people tend to have the “Forsaken One” title.

In the old days, they’d get a pokemon avatar, too.

This is why I wait awhile before getting all the cool stuff, no dry spell for me :).

Whoo, Jigglypuff!

(and talk of dry spells is sooo depressing)

They should release some new games for snes.