Are there any...

Hack 'n Slash/beat 'em up games for this generation that are not God of Bore clones and you can’t just sit there and press square over and over? I was really looking forward to Arkahm Asylum, then I played the demo, then I pressed square a million times. I was also looking forward to Enslaved, then I played the demo, then I did the platforming with my eyes closed (I know it’s a demo, but come on) and noticed how it was just God of War again. I don’t even get it, the God of War games are not even that good! I guess I am just looking for a challenge or maybe fun. Samurai Spirits 3 kind of fun, except 3 dimensional.

I wish my PS2 controller hadn’t died.

Hmm…let’s see what I can come up with.

Monster Hunter Series: Sorta ARPGish, but you’re hacking away at shit all the same. Basically, you kill giant monsters and carve their parts to make bigger and better armor/weapons. You may have issues with it as it does have a steep learning curve, and you just can’t stand there hacking away at monsters all day.

Vindictus: Similar to Monster Hunter in some aspects, but it’s an MMO (or supposed to be, it’s really more like PSO or Diablo 2 as far as that goes). Uses the Source engine for Physics, which leads to funny moments. If you get bored at hacking away at monsters, you can throw stuff in the environment at them. (I laugh when I toss giant ice blocks at that goddamn Giant Polar Bear.) Or you can just grab them, punch 'em up a bit, and then break their backs or do a cool finishing move. Pretty neat game actually. Hell, it just recently won Best Free to Play MMO of 2010 by IGN. (However much that means to you…)

Sengoku Basara Series: Sorta similar to Dynasty Warriors, but completely over-the-top. Whereas as the DW series is pretty repetitive, SB mixes up a bit and lets you go crazy with stuff. Go watch a few videos of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes.

God Hand: I won’t even explain this one. I can’t. :smiley:

Ys3 / Ys7.

MHFU is responsible for my dying PSP analog stick. Well that is what joysens is for, I guess. I hear Demon Souls is pretty much Monster Hunter on PS3?


Lufia DS to a much lesser extent.

Also Secret of Mana if you have an iPhone.

Demon Souls is that game where enemies can actually kill you. I can’t vouch for the rest of it.

The funnest part of Arkham Asylum for me was the Riddler Riddles.

Here’s the best explanation of it.
Nothing more is needed.


Demon’s Souls
Bayonetta, gay, but very fun to play :stuck_out_tongue:
and Heavenly Sword, which is kinda similar to GOW, with more epicness included.