are the Grand Theft Auto games RPGS?

You’re superfluous.

Except, in San Andreas, your proficiency level for weapons/driving etc. increases the more you shoot/drive.

HMong online? Wut?

Harvest Moon Online. They say it’s going to be like Harvest Moon but with swords.

Yeah, there’s some HM brewing where it’s your typical Havest Moon but with dungeon crawling…so it’s like Harvest Moon: Diablo. What I’m wondering about the online HM is how the whole thing will work? Like, will your farm be one of a bunch in an area and you contend with other players on a daily basis or will it be more like Animal Crossing where there’s a town and you and a few other farmers are a part of it. 'cause while the HM games have online potential I can’t see a true online HM ever existing as the online crap would take away from the key HM elements.

Oh, I know, I know! HMonline will be just like this!

Blood Omen: Legacy of the Harvest Moon.

Fall 3: Got three chickens. Devoured their souls. I can’t tell the difference. Army of undead animals rising.

Fall 12: Harvest festival. Had to bring something to the soup. Came with a flayed deer head. Anne reacted particularly poorly to it.

Fall 13: Anne made a stake gun and stalked me through the fields of dying corn. Managed to escape by sic’ing the zombie chickens on her. Will have to do something about that girl.

Fall 14: Wrote a searing letter to the editor about Anne.

Fall 16: Anne got the drop on me today. Had the unpleasant experience of reassembling myself from a pile of ash. Don’t want to do it again.

It’s been years since I first saw that thing :). I firmly believe the idea of a Harvest Moon + Legacy of Kain/Resident Evil/Diablo hybrid would be an awesome game.

Some of my favorite:

Summer 24: Rain’s over. While walking in the woods, hoping to supplement my crops with wild berries, I met a magical pixie that offered to turn my tools to solid gold. Tasted like chicken.

Fall 27: Found a mystic berry in a stone statue of a chicken by the road. Didn’t need it, as my undead stamina is inexhaustible. Other stone chickens came for vengeance. Am pinned in tool shed.

Winter 24: Star Festival. Devoured Erin’s soul, drank her blood, and embraced her. Much neater than this courting business. We’re getting married on the 26th.

Spring 1: Attended the sunrise festival. Shouldn’t have. That was right embarrassing.