Are Gameshark code requests allowed?

I read the part in the rules, but are GS codes considered hacks or not?

They’re not considered against the rules. What codes do you need?

I have a Gameshark 2 ver.2 and the ultimate weapon codes are glitchy (Tidus will be fighting using a cactuar doll as his sword and Yuna’s staff as his shield and Auron will be using Wakka’s World Champion like a sword) and was wondering is anyone knew a way to fix it.

I also wanted to know if there was a code to get 99 of every sphere into your inventory.

I don’t really need the codes that badly since I just want to goof around with them when I have spare time, but glitchy codes just bug me. :too bad:

Dude, I want to see Tidus carrying a doll around. imagines the captions that might go under that screenshot

I never tried the Ultimate weapon code, but if it’s glitchy and you don’t like it, just get the Ultimate weapons the normal way. It doesn’t take that long to get them.

Unless you’re crap at chocobo Training! or Lightning Dodging!! (Titus, Lulu Respectivly)


Yeah, I can get them on my own, but I usually like to goof from the start. Right now I’m in the Thunder Plains dodging lightning all over again. For some reason 3 strikes came down in what the FAQ I was reading said was a 2-strike area. 117 Dodges all the way back to 0. My least favorite part. :fungah:

Anyway, is there a code for 99 or each Sphere type?