Are e-machines junk ?

Getting a new comp with the tax money, and i have been doing a little shopping around, and it seems that e-machines are the lowest priced with the best setup. So, my question is this. Are Emachines junk, and would i be wasting my money if i got one ?

Uh, why didn’t you put this in the main forum?

Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t help you that much. I’ve haven’t known anybody with an E-machine for years.

What the fuck is an e-machine?

E-machine is a brand of computers Sorc. Notice the first four words in his post.

I’ve got one. They’re pretty good I suppose.

My new comp is an eMachine. No problems so far (five months in), but you do have to follow up if you’re getting any rebates 'cause I haven’t gotten mine yet. -_-

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E-machine is a brand of computers Sorc. Notice the first four words in his post.

I got that, I was hoping somone would be more specific than “der hur it’s a compooter!!”. Don’t be a smart ass.

So who makes them? I’ve never heard of one.

The company is called eMachines.

From what i have heard, Emachines are the worst of most makers, but they are one of the bigger computer makers, ( after Gateway, HP and dell.)

My aunt had one, and liked it. but she didnt do anything on it except use a word processor and check her email.

Okay, thanks for the info. Now, what is the big diffrence between the Athlon processors and the Pentium’s ? I dont know anything about Athlons, but some of their set ups look nice.

About Emachines, I’m using one right now. I was going to buy a Dell, but a friend convinced me to buy this one because it was cheaper… however, my computer-savvi friends have told me that it is NOT working up to the potential its specs says it does. I think they are right, I HAVE noticed defects… but as to whether they are a fault of the brand OR if I simply got a one that just happens to work poorly, I cannot tell. No one else I know has one of these. In general, it does most things I need it to OK, so I’m not going to give it up. Just telling my story in case others have had similar experiences.

Not sure about Pentiums vs. Athlons. Truth is, unless you do insane gaming stuff, it doesn’t really matter what chip you have - you won’t notice much difference whether it’s a Dell or eMachines or anything else. Because of that I opted to go with eMachines rather than spend twice as much on a Dell to get basically the same thing.

I’m just parnoid that i’m gonna get this new computer, then when i get FF11, it wont work. I’m probably going to end up getting an HP anyways. Their website has some pretty good deals on rebates and stuff.

From what I hear Athalons are better for games and Pentiums are better for other stuff like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc. I woulndn’t get too picky BL, you just have to find a balance between the power you want and the amount you’re willing to spend.

Isn’t this off-topic?

Giza, the topic is about computers. You tell me.

It’s my thread, I can post what I want. Besides, it’s a “help me get a new comp” topic, so you see, any info to help me me decide on what new compt to get is much appreciated. I might even tell you my story about Chewbacca.

E-Machines are the bottomn of the line in prebuilt copmputers, try going with a Dell if possible. They are very restrictive with what you can and can’t do with the computer such as opening the case voids the warranty. As far as Pentium vs Athalon, Athalon is better for gaming and overclocking because it’s a faster overall chip, where a pentium is better in a more stable environment like office type things, word prosessing, and the likes.

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Giza, the topic is about computers. You tell me.

I mean the topic is off the topic of the forum.

Dell is the opposite end of the spectrum… it’s way too expensive for what you’re getting. -_- For example, my own computer was bought about four months ago for about $1200 Canadian; it was an eMachine through Best Buy, and it included a monitor and a printer. Now at work I’m getting a comparable machine (some things are better, some worse, but they even out) and it’s costing us $1700 without a monitor or printer. There’s gotta be something in the middle of the road. 8p

…Besides, I’ve personally never opened up any computer I’ve owned and I don’t intend to open up this one, so that bit doesn’t really matter to me.