Arcanum: of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Does anyone else play this game ? I really like it. Keep getting killed… getting pissed. I get killed a new way each time.

I once played a demo.
Does that count?

I have it. A good game, if a little buggy at times.

Tempted to play it again as a complete bastard.

I dunno… how long was it ? Was it any good ? It didnt make you wanna buy the game, did it ? My cosin bought this one, his computer couldnt play it, so he gave it to me. Thats the only way i have it…

I think it’s a fun game, but I can’t find it anymore. There’s a lot to do in it, so you can always come up with new ways to play. I think the first time I played it, I was a smooth talking theif, and the second time, I played as a mad bomber with molotov cocktails.

I made your basic human warrior. I chose the “raised by elves” so he gets some kickass armor. I never was able to get a thief to last long…

I’ve heard of it and played the demo but never got around to buying it… wich I regret

I just made a Barbarian… so now i am running around hacking things in half… lovely !

I am trying to locate Liam and his portal in the woods…

I have it, it is a lot of fun, the extreme flexibility in character creation is great. I went from playing a sophisticated mage, to playing a sniper who just likes to kill people. By the way, spend a little tie leveling before you sniper the sheriff in the first town, hes tough. Best is to help stop the bank robbery, then rob the bank yourself.

killing the sherif himself is easy… i killed him once as a level 7(i kept insulting him, LOL) but killing the 4 guards that run to his aid is impissible…

I have the game and have played through to the end, but then I lost interest for some reason…

It’s definitely a fresh spin on a D&D-esque game.

Once you get the hang of it, things take off and the story starts to get pretty interesting…

Also, I strongly suggest a walkthrough, because there are an insane amount of sidequests and quite a few of them are difficult to complete without help.

HELL YES, Arcanum is one of my favorite PC games, with all the bugs and stuff I still say this is the penacle of what point and click RPGs should be.

I own 2 copies so my GF and I can play over the network. :slight_smile:
Awsome game, hurray hurray!