Arc the Lad II

…how do I get Choko? I know, in general, I need to go to Clenia (I have the guide, and nice as it is, I must say it is lacking in some places). The guide says to go to the Time Forest. That’s nice. It doesn’t show up as a location on my world map. Any help?

Did you load up an Arc 1 save that had her? If not you get to miss out on one of the best characters in the game. I don’t remember if the Time Forest shows up the first time you go to Clenia or if you have to come back later. I don’t have the will power to play through Arc 2 again, maybe after I finish shrining Arc 1…

Well, crap. I never got here in AtL. I can’t get her now in AtL 2, you’re saying?

If you didn’t complete the forbidden ruins in ATL, then you can forget about her. The end boss is even more of a cast iron bitch without her… and that is saying a lot.

For the final boss all I did was use iga, Elc, Gruga, Arc and Shante position them as such Do
Gr El Ig


and have shante somewhere far away from DO have Arc heal and Shante revive have Gruga and Iga equip sticks.

If you have Shante equipped with the Refreshing Shoes and the Goddess Prayer she can pretty much prevent mp loss.

I always use Gruga and Shante because Gruga’s so strong and Shante can prevent mp loss without the romancing stone and knows revive making her the best healer.

I have heard some things of this “last boss.” Most of what I’ve heard consists of “Oh my fucking god!” …is it really that tough?

He’s the toughest of the series the main thing is that only Choko’s Vanish spell can significantly damage him. Mainly it just takes a while and too many people use Lieza.

Last thing that I can think of: can I sell Diekbecks old power units and still get into the sealed ruins? They’re starting to clutter up my inventory.

I think you can. It may be safe to wait till you have them all.