Arac's RPGC Fic Sign Up (New Years)

So, Arac, since New Year’s is still quite a bit off, mind telling us what the story will be about (if you have decided?) If not, we could use this thread to discuss ideas.

Name: Lex
Nick Names: Luthor; referring to Superman characters/interacting with Lex as if he were Lex Luthor


Personality: Like his power, Lex hides parts of his personality away; projecting an amicable demeanor of someone who’s friends with everyone. He’s often sarcastic in times when tension is running high.

Background: Lex is a mutant. As far as he knows, he’s the only one in the world. He came across the RPGC through their reputation, hearing stories of powered individuals and decided to join, thinking they were mutants like him. As it became apparant that they were not, Lex has continually had conflicting thoughts of whether or not to leave to search for others like him. On one hand, they’ve grown to be like a second family to him. On the other, if there are so many mystical beings in one place, surely there must be other mutants.

Present: Studying martial arts and weapons training under various members of RPGC. He’s reached a level of competence in just about everything, but hasn’t mastered anything yet.

Also, he’s looking for a hobby as a way to pass the time in between training.

Relationships: Lex is sort of a background member of RPGC. He’s there to help, but is often overshadowed by more powerful members. Thus, everyone knows him as “that guy who was there, but what’d he do again?” This is a point of major annoyance with him.

Appearance: 5’,7" ; slim, athletic build ; 22 but still mistaken for 20 ; asian ; almost always wears blue jeans with whatever shirt and jacket that’s lying around and clean.; hair’s medium-short and gelled in random spiky-ness.

Powers: Invulnerable forcefield that he controls with his mind. He can create weapons at will as an extension of this field, project it in a small radius around him and extend it around other people or things, rendering them also invulnerable.

Name and Any Nicknames: Valerie Escara der Lesser. AKA, the Valkyrie Esker. also goes by Esker, Val, Valesk, and bob.

Personality: Funloving drunken brigand woman. Likes to laugh in the face of danger, and despie how she tries to keep an open mind, there’s little she hasn’t seen.

Background: Val WAS a Valkyrie, but she gave that up. After a while,. immortality gets old. She still gots ties with the Pantheon, though, and is fairlty strong. oen side effect she;s not sure WHAT to think about is how despite being over 1000, and returning to immortality years ago, she still looks like she did when she first became a Goddess.

Present: Drinking. Travelling, maybe. But most certainly drinking.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Has slept with about everyone at some point. Shes not really a whore, she jsut lieks to have fun.

Physical Appearance: Physically, apepars in ehr mid-twenties. Short-cropped blonde hair that doesn;t go far down her neck and blue eyes. Her builds rather athletic, though deceptively soft. It doesn;t do to be all muscle, after all.

Powers and Skills: I’ll do this when I’m better. Let’s settle for melee mastery in about all kinds of weapon fields, and various magical equipment she’s collectedover the years, including AtmaArmor.

It’s starting on a halloween theme and going to a New Years theme. The starting theme involves GAP’s writing habits and power gone horribly wrong, and the ending will be a new years party after the whole adventure’s done.

I’m going to join here, again so to make sure I don’t leave.

Name: Kyle, no nicknames.

Personality: He is arrogant and greedy with no morals to speak of. He works for anyone who can pay him, turning sides if he was doing something for free. He aims to remain a mystery. He is serious with a short temper.

Background: His history is simple, when very young he came to rpgc hiding in the shadows watching what would happen. He then left to find the amulet after a hard and difficult adventure.

Present: He is working on bad fanfiction itching to adventure again.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Not realy any, but holds an unreturned grudge against Kirokokori. Hates Videospirit.

Physical Appearance: He has spikey blue hair, and sea blue eyes. He is short and thin and 13 years old.
He wears a suit with a long, dark blue cloak. He also has an amulet with a swirling pattern on it. He has a blue half mask to cover his face when needed.

Powers and Skills: He is a naturaly a good fencer and a good knowledge of history.
His amulet allows him to change his age, meaning he can change it to before he had an arm chopped off. The amulet also lets him control fire and lightning.

It’s weird. I’m somewhere in between Sir Percival and PC Glenton, now that it has been mentioned that there is a dichotomy between them. Does that make me insane?

I would say it makes you intriguing. :wink:

Name and Any Nicknames: Seth Lonestrike, but everyone off of Videa calls him Videospirit.

Personality: Irresponsible, yet highly skilled adventurer with a complicated past that makes him live for the joy of things, and not care about the consequences. Controlled by his whims. Extremely nervous in romantic situations, and extremely loyal to anyone he calls a friend.

Background: Was an adventurer, exploring the multiverse because he had no place to settle down, being a strange being formed when his soul was aggrivated so his past lives altered his physical form as well as his mind into a collage of everything he’d ever been. Eventually he found the realm of Rpgclassics and marked the place as somewhere to remember, coming back several times over the next several years. Enjoying the company of people of wildly different backgrounds, some even as wild as his own. However he didn’t see rpgclassics as a place of staying, but of going, and never permanently settled down there. He’s now finally found a place to settle down, on the planet of Videa, where the descendants of the first sentient race he was a part of have settled. He runs a massive Academy that teaches everything there, funded by the resources he picked up while adventuring, along with the help of his long standing adventuring allies, and the mercenary organization M.E.T.H.O.D. He’s still as irresponsible as ever though, irking his duties as headmaster whenever adventure calls him.

Present: See background.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Dislikes kyle immensely, never really hit it off with many of the people in power at RPGC like Tenchimaru Draconis, but doesn’t have any hard feelings against them, even if a few of them may dislike him. Has been friends with Chris Asmadi, Pink Lugia, Chris Chris, Stary, Orakio, Nocturn, Crotanks, Bahamut Xero, Zhou Yu, Kor, GG Chrono, and Haitokuhonoo for a long time now. Has a great deal of respect for booken, and a very mild sense of rivalry towards Arac.

Physical Appearance: standing behind the man in green in this picture. my faceset. old sprite recolor of me in my leviathon armour. My order of the stick avvy of my spirit form. temporary faceset used for a short period of time.

The first image is the main one though, wears a uniform at most times, has no personal fashion sense when in casual wear. Blond hair, purple crystal in the middle of his forehead, purple eyes, peachy skin, overall effeminine male appearence. Slender.

Powers and Skills: Able to do nearly anything with magic. Is able to see magic the same way other people see light and can also see light, has studied magic long enough to read what it’s doing. Still and silent spells don’t cut it for keeping magic hidden. Can create entirely unique spells on the fly, able to wield raw energies of mana like they were hot playdoe, nearly limitless supply of magic. His one failing grace in concern to magic is his complete inability to use divine magic, without invoking offensive energies as well. He’s also trained in the use of a lot of advanced technology, like his plasma pistol, space piloting, basic cooking, and fencing as well as spearmanship, but he’s not anywhere near a master at any of these. Among his most prized possesions are his Leviathan orb, obtained by etherizing a Leviathan that still holds the soul of the beast, as well as a Crystal Katana that was forged personally for him by a master magecraft. He rarely wears armour anymore, as it’s quite bulky, but his leviathan spirit can transform into a lightweight dragoon armour when he feels the need. He also has a prototype transformable agile super robot style mecha called the V-Knight that hasn’t gotten much use since he last crashed it.

Also has access to an ultra low density form, called a spirit form. While in this alternate form none of his molecules are connected on the material plane, creating a gaseous cloud, that is controlled by his spirit on the ethereal plane. This gives him perfect control of every molecule in his body, allowing for greatly increased magical ability, and making him nearly impossible to damage physically. The form makes it nearly impossible to attack physically either though, and it does consume a lot of the body’s water. He can go through entire lakes pretty quickly when fighting in top form. He can also use a minor form of shapeshifting to take the form of anything he can stretch what mass he has into. He requires something like the leviathon spirit for the leviathan form to gain full access to the forms abilities though, and he is as solid as any other creature while in these forms.

As a result of some medical problems, I’ll be pushing back the start date for this one a little, if you couldn’t already tell by the fact that it hasn’t started yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to sometime this week, but it’s hard to say, yet. I’ll know more tomorrow.

Get well soon- and I hope that you don’t have what I have. Antibiotics work wonders.

I’ve got either an unusual strain of Mono or a not-far spread Lymphoma, so I hope you don’t have what I have, really. =P
It’s really not all that bad if it’s lymphoma, I got the scan today and the whatever is only in a couple nodes; meaning that if it is cancer, the whole of it will be excized in the biopsy to tell if it is cancer tomorrow.

Goodness, I hope that your health improves, Arac. Do not kill yourself trying to do too much and take care.

Thanks, I won’t try and do too much. If anything, I’ll need more stuff to do; I’ll be finishing my classwork in much less time than a class takes, if I’m home, meaning I’ll have hours left over in a day.

Get well man.

By the way did you notice you have to juggle 17 characters plus your avatar who will as usual trascend the multiverse in his greatness, yet have a really frustrating problem? 18 chars are quite a deal.

Please mind you health first Arnac. We can all wait patiently for your return to top writing condition.

The novel I’m writing has about 36 characters who are all generally important. Why in the hell did I choose to give it Victorian fiction roots, again? Anyway, 17 should be good practice, and my avatar’s hardly universe transcending.

EDIT: Thanks again, everyone, but like I said, I’m going to need something to do and this should be fun. My health isn’t really a risk (computers can’t ransfer diseases to a weakened immune system), and I don’t feel bad or anything, so it’s all good.

Where is the sex?

And the drugs?

and the Rock and Roll?

There will be all of those things. There already were drugs and rock n’ roll, which is the reason this has been postponed. Given that there were the first two, there could’ve been the second, really. Well, there was faux-sex with the singer of GWAR. . . perhaps I’d best not go into that, eh?

Well, essentially, it goes like this.

Friday: I was going to start, but there was a GWAR show. As a GWAR Slave, the matter was out of my hands.

Weekend: Do not go to a metal concert and force your way into the front row of the pit when you are skinny, just recently had surgery, and are still a little off of it on vicaden. Seriously. Re-recovering due to my poor judgement. GWAR is worth it, though.

Then the last two days I’ve been making up missed homework (my physics teacher actually literally plotted to give more while I was gone to “punish me for ditching” despite assurances from friends that I was not ditching. He told people this. Ugh. Lit was just bad timing, since we ended the term and I’ve got to make up two papers and a test), but I’ve since caught up on a weeks worth of homework and classwork in two days (while completeing the work for those two days, mind you), pretty much, thereby losing all faith in the idea that there is a rational defense for me to ever attend class.

Anyway, I’ll therefore have the time to actually sit down and start this well-rested, concert-free, un-drugged, and public-education-defeating tomorrow after school. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been thinking about doing one of these since I read Wil’s the first year I was on these boards, and just my luck that this happens the year I say I’m gonna do it, huh? Oh, well, sorry again for the lateness, it’ll begin tomorrow.