Arac's RPGC Fic Sign Up (New Years)

Seeing the other fics on RPGC, and having hit a dead point in the novel I’m doing for my creative writing program, I thought I’d try an RPGC fic. I can’t promise to get the whole episodic plot and everyon’e personality perfect, but I’ll try and fix anything I fuck up as a go along. If you’d be interested in your character being in here, sign up in this thread, with:

Name and Any Nicknames: Note who calls you what name if there are specifics.

Personality: Put however much detail you want in it, but some sort of archetype is at least required (Snobby rich boy, for example). This is pretty much all I have to go by, so the more you write, the more accurate your cahracter will be, but I don’t want to force anyone to do more work than they’d like.

Background: Anything necessary from the character’s history.

Present: Present day vocation, status, location, etc. What your’e doing now.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: If you’re great friends with someone or longtime enemies with someone, tell me here so I can work it in if they join.

Physical Appearance: Like personality, bare-bones detail needed, the more you give me, the more I have to work with. If you only tell me you have dark-haired, your character won’t ever get anything in the way of physical description, really.

Powers and Skills: What you can do naturally superhuman, what your’e good at, etc. Equipment of note should go here.

If you don’t want to do all of that, it’s theoretically okay, but you’ll end up with a smaller part in the story since I won’t have as much character information to go back on.

Name and Any Nicknames: Mabatsekker, “Maxim” in civvies.

Personality: A Finnish Blue Mage Superhero always ready to do some heroing! Some may consider him a bit reckless and a bit too much of a do-gooder, but he’s got a good heart. A fearsome berserker (anger management problems?) lurks within him, waiting for someone to breach the seal.

Background: A member in the RPGC Task Force, a supergroup dedicated to fighting evil, emptying the HQ fridge and winning the Eskermobile in a fair race in the Akina downhill. Also, a sketch artist, superb dancer and a cook.

Present: Aside his superheroing, Maxim is a media engineering student struggling with mathematics and a complex string of social contacts which are constantly interrupted by his duties as a hero. Would want to spend more time with his catgirlfriend. As for New Years, nothing like a good old bottle of sparkling and good company!

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Tends to generate sparks when grouped with Galloway. Often gets too friendly with any catgirls. Generally tolerant of newbies. Long-time friend of Rhaka/Tenchimaru Draconis.

Physical Appearance: A spikey-electric-blue-haired nordic male who wears a white top-blue bottoms combat gi with a black t-shirt underneath. Around 180cm tall, slim, but muscular.

Powers and Skills: As a Blue Mage, Mabatsekker is able to learn virtually any non-generic magical ability. As a result, his repertoire of abilities makes him an opponent with more than a few aces up his sleeve. Also trained in the martial art of Saikyo, created by Dan “The Man” Hibiki, which itself is a weak art, but allows for flexibility due to Mabatsekker’s learning ability.

Can take several “ordinary” powered opponents, but gets knocked around by mightier individuals and deity-like personae. Generally criticized for attempting to learn “everything” by being hit with “everything.” Knows some basic strategy and tactics due to military training. Generally prefers his fists and blue magic hitting the enemy, although weapons and talking his way out of a situation aren’t out of his range either.

Good luck!

Name and Any Nicknames: Ken, GAP, Loki, Rountree, Cybercompost. It would matter specifically depending on how long they have been in RPGC- a lot of “elder” people here would call me by the last one, and then so on and so forth. I’ll prefer Ken, but only like one person will call me Ken. I probably won’t make a big deal about it unless they do it specifically to annoy me.

Personality: I’m a writer… that’s not really enough said, now is it? I’m introverted in that I don’t really hang around people often, but when I do I seem very extroverted and oftentimes get loghorrhea. I’m very eccentric in that I love to randomly do little jigs and/or sing songs to myself when I’m walking. I like to fuck with people’s heads, especially when I like them. I’m usually serious to a fault around people that I hate, by the way. If I’m not writing satirical or horror fiction, I’m either working, at school, with my girlfriend, or sleeping. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie or two.

Background: I am technically a descendent of the Nordic God Loki, not actually Loki. At times I like to impersinate him. This pleases him greatly because it causes quite a bit of confusion. I worship him as my deity, although I am on fairly good terms with Odin. I might think of some more later, I’m doing this one last… I have class veeeeeeeeeery shortly.

Present: I am a first semester Senior in SUNY Oswego. My major is creative writing (I write fiction and plays; I may be writing graphic novels next semester :)), my minor is philosophy. I have a job in the seafood department in Price Chopper. I live with my girlfriend in a cheap but nice apartment complex about five minutes from work but almost an hour from school. I do not enjoy the commute. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll slay beings that I deem evil.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: I generally wouldn’t say I’d be great friends with anybody, but I am pretty friendly with Gila Monster. We talk outside RPGC (still online, and not as much as we used to, but still). I think that Arac is a pretty neat guy. :stuck_out_tongue: I only hate idiots. You know who they are.

Physical Appearance: 5’10", somewhat dark skinned but still obviously caucasian, a semi-large (but not gigantic) and somewhat bent nose, one blue eye and one green eye, darkish brown hair (extremely messy) that is almost to my shoulders, wide shoulders, long legs, somewhat short body. Loves to wear whatever he finds first in his closet, which is a pigsty.

Powers and Skills: Can write objects into existance and control them (just so you know I prefer supernatural realism). Isn’t that super-powerful enough? I suppose that my sneezes (in real life) are much more powerful than other people’s… I can pull a Chupon if I want to.

My Code: Always be honest… well… always at least be technically honest. Omitting information or stretching the truth isn’t necessarily bad, when done to someone that doesn’t deserve to hear the truth. I’ll always (try to) be honest to my friends and family, unless they directly oppose me. Humor is the greatest virtue. There is no bad type of humor (from “cute” humor to humerous storytelling to sick humor), only bad jokes. I will not act in violence unless attacked or unless the attackee is already engaged in an aggressive act. That being said, I have a short fuse, but most people have the right match to light it. I do not tolerate those who use their power to exploit people (pedophiles, rapists, CEOs), unless they sincerly try to change (castration if male for the first two, et cetera). I do not steal unless it is absolutely necessary. I would steal from hoarders to help others, but never myself. If someone harms Mystique (my girlfriend’s online name, et cetera), or any of my family members, then I am merciless. You don’t fuck with me. If we were to use D+D alignments I’d be chaotic good (leaning towards chaotic neutral).

Name/Nick: OmegaflareX, prefers Omega, or “Om”, as Wil calls him. Hates Omegaflare. (I’m STILL working on a better name >.>)

Personality: Omega’s personality can loosely be described as offbeat. He is friendly but vocally speaks whatever is on his mind. Although he is carefree, goofy, flighty, and and unpredictable, he has displayed a remarkable amount of intelligence and is a brilliant tactician (although he is a bit clueless or naive sometimes), can be surprisingly wise on occasion. He also knows when to get serious, though he can never resist making an occasional wisecrack. He can never make up his mind and has a wide variety of interests. Omega is also a romantic dreamer, and always likes to take things to the next level. After developing his natural talent with writing he has become a brilliant writer. His math skills aren’t quite as good.

Background: Relatively little is known about Omega as of yet, or what he did during his long absence from RPGC. He has mentioned bits and snippets: Discovering new things about the Multiverse during his absence,

Present: When he’s not adventuring, treasure hunting, or just goofing off as a member of RPGC, Omega is a first year student at American University, where he is further developing his predisposition towards the humanities.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers:
-Omega has a longstanding friendship with Wilfredo Martinez, who is a mentor to him. They also frequently share ideas with writing. He was introduced to Nelimar through him, whom he is friends with.
-Omega started on rocky ground with Kiro, as she irritated him to no end. However he has warmed up to her (partly because of his now kinder nature)
-Omega is good friends with Weiila, StarStorm, GG Crono, and generally most members of RPGC. Other notables (who are not likely to be in this fic >.>) are Eden, Kagon, Kero, Ackbar, and DG.
-He has VERY little tolerance for stupidity or rudeness.

Physical Appearance: Tousled blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, slender and fairly well built, wears travelers’ clothes.

Powers and Skills: Omega is a master of offensive magic. With a prodigious supply of stamina and mana (and with the ability to control and manipulate chakra) he can dish out magical damage fast, hard, and by the plateful. He is also skilled at combining elements - for instance, using water and earth to make mud or wood, or air or water to make ice. He has several signature techniques (which I’ll PM to you later, Arac) and has been developing a new one recently. Omega also has powerful melee skills with his fists and also the runed katana he carries with him (at least for this mission). He is swift and fast, but lacks physical strength. Omega also lacks defensive or healing magic, relying on his own offensive abilities, speed, and tactical skills in battle. One of the few defenses he has is the golden bracelet he wears, which guards him against Silence and Paralysis.

If you don’t want to do all of that, it’s theoretically okay, but you’ll end up with a smaller part in the story since I won’t have as much character information to go back on.

Name and Any Nicknames: Name- Kirokokori Nickname- Kiro

Personality: She’s hyper (But can shut up and stay serious…sometimes), and has a bad temper, and when she’s mad she’ll probably yell at someone, but she gets over it pretty fast. Otherwise she’s pretty friendly and outgoing.

Background: Pretty normal…compared to some peoples. Nothing worth mentioning.

Present: Well, her family lives in the US in New Hampshire, so she’s always either there, or RPGC.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: None really…

Physical Appearance: She’s 13 years old, blue eyes, very short brown hair, and pale skin. And, well, she’s a catgirl, with pure white ears and tail. Kiro’s height would be about 5"4’, and she’s pretty skinny.

Powers and Skills: Pretty skilled with her bazooka. Kiro also is learning magic, and she tends to lean towards water based spells because she’s best at them. She can do a bit of hand-to-hand combat with tae kwon doe, but she’d really rather not, as she’s much more used to her bazooka and using magic.

Name: Dude. I don’t really have any others.

Personality: Kind with a sense of humor. I’m try to be helpful. I say and do stupid things on occassion, but try to patch it up later. It bothers me greatly when people are discussing something that affects us both equally and they blow me off.

Background: A crest sorceror from Filgaia. Works as a drifter, but not very successful due to aversion of working alone. However, those that have worked with him agree that he was very helpful.

Present: Student at his sophomore year of high school. Not much else to say.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: None really.

Physical Appearance: Around 6 ft in hight. Has dark hair, but not black. Wears glasses and usually wears a hoodie (with the hood down) and jeans. Wears a quiver with arrows on one leg (about at the hip) and a device which holds his crests on the other leg.

Powers and Skills: Crest spells from the first WA game. A skillset with immense variety containing 64 spells total. What he lacks in power he makes up with variety. He is able to hit many elements, heal, buff, inflict status and a couple other interesting abilities. His weapon is a bow and arrow. Attached to all the arrows are strings enchanted by magic. The strings can grow to any length and will return to his quiver with the slightest tug. (so he can fire them and return them to his quiver immediately.) He can also use the string and arrow as a whip if an enemy gets close. The device which holds his crests is been enchanted to link with the users mind. When he thinks of a spell the crest raises a bit so it is easier to grab. He also has the ability of using his surroundings to his advantage. He fights best when supporting his friends from behind the front line.

Why not… I jump on every bandwagon, after all

Name: PC Glenton

Personality: Cold, calculating, and absolutely holds no concern for anyone caught in the crossfire or in his way. On the greedy side, and an unethical opportunist. Not evil, just a survivor to the extreme, and very cynical.

Background: RPGC’s resident high-profile thief, a person everyone loves to hate. Been in RPGC for a while, but not much is known about his past. Asking about it only pisses him off. A autobiography that was leaked reveals he was trained by a Triad, has made enemies of a bio-corp, and has had a few personal problems, which he considers resolved.

Present: Still stealing for hire and himself, no plans to retire soon.

Physical Appearance: Like my avator, wearing all black with a long black leather jacket, where he keeps his weapons, tools and loot. Also sports shades at times, and a collapsable sniper rifle slung over his shoulder in a rip on the jacket, with the name MIA inscriped on the hilt.

Notable relationships: As mentioned before, he is the guy everyone loves to hate. With good reason, I have to say. But, has a pratically nasty rivalry with Valkyrie Esker.

Powers and Skills: Acrobatic, can flip and move rather fast. A crack shot with light guns (pistols) and sniper rifles. Also an expert at the usual thieving reportoire (traps, perception, lockpicking, etc.) and, becasue of the security needs of modern society, good with electronics and computers.

Also, very, very, very weak to magic. Can’t cast a single spell for the life of him, and offensive magic is way more effective on him then usual, while its the opposite for beneficial magic. Still trying to find a reason for that.

If you need more, let me know

Why not register for another? I look forward to reading your story, Arac; you have the air of a writer of great talent. In any case, here is my character:

Name: Sir Percival Rhyndon; also has a sobriquet ‘the Gallant’. Most people at RPGC call him Percival or Percy, which he accepts without offence, but prefers being addressed with the ‘sir’ in his name.

Personality: Sir Percival is a stereotypical knight in shining armour: gallant and unfailingly courteous, with chivalry always on his mind. He has a strong charming personality and excellent social skills (especially leadership). He is also kind, serious and quite spiritual. He is a steadfast (some would say zealous) optimist. (Note: you do not have to make Sir Percival speak in archaic English if it is too much trouble; just give him noble-sounding dialogue if you like).

Background: A former Knight of the Round Table and Grail Knight who was granted an extended life of sorts in order to crusade against the forces of evil in other worlds. After drinking from the Holy Grail, he became a fully fledged paladin. He has lived for a long time and has become a legendary hero. He still has some secret relationship with the Holy Grail of which no one, not even his closest allies, knows and that even he does not fully understand. He worships what he calls the Holy Light, a mediaeval Christian-like god whom some believe the same as the Christian God in this world, but no one knows for sure.

Present: Presently, a paladin of great power, and member of RPGC for a few years. However, he is frequently absent from RPGC on quest and crusade. His chief activity lately has been fighting evil dragons, although he has acquired plenty of other enemies amongst giants, undead, fiends, evil wizards and even occult criminal circles over the years. He fell into a fit of melancholy for a few months recently after he failed to win the heart of a beautiful lady (who ran off with someone else), but has since recovered and has moved on.

Relations at RPGC: Sir Percival is well liked by many members, but friendships have suffered somewhat because he is frequently absent. He considers Wilfredo Martinez, Mabatsekker, Valkyrie Esker, Omegaflare X and several others solid allies, though. In general, he tries to be friendly and welcoming to as many people as he can. He has no real enemies at RPGC, but eschews disreputable types like P.C. Glenton and anyone of evil alignment.

Physical Appearance: A stunningly handsome young man standing at 5’10” with a hard muscular and classically masculine build. He has light blueish eyes and sandy blonde hair that neatly falls to his broad shoulders. When adventuring he wears full-plate armour, and rides his bonded-mount warhorse Llewellyn, a white stallion fitted with tack, harness and bard. When not armoured, he wears fine mediaeval clothes.

Equipment: Notable pieces of his panoply are his chief weapon, a bastard sword, which is a holy avenger, as well as an enchanted full-plate armour and enchanted heater shield, all of which are of masterful craftsmanship and that may come from a celestial adamant forge. Llewellyn’s barding is of similar design as his armour, and the warhorse also wears enchanted horseshoes that increase speed. Apart from that, Sir Percival owns a great castle of white stone and blue turrets, with a large tract of land around it, in a distant forested land much like mediaeval England or Wales.

Powers and Skills: Sir Percival is an excellent melee combatant with the sword and lance, especially on horseback. He is extremely strong and tough, quite wise and extrordinarily charismatic. He is a master horseman, and knows other things that one might expect of a mediaeval nobleman: heraldry, poetry, falconry, etiquette and diplomacy. He can concentrate very well. He has the regular powers of a high-level D&D paladin (edition 3.5) combined with some powers of a paladin from Diablo II.

Weaknesses: Sir Percival is vulnerable to dark magic, is a little slower than many other members of RPGC, is useless at stealth and is completely ignorant of technology from the renaissance onwards (if he tries to use it, he tends to cause accidents).

Please let me know if I can provide any additional details that might be of help to you.

Hmph… almost sounds like Percival and myself are polar opposites, both in abilities and personality.

I have edited myself.

Join another RPGC story? Why not? Since I seem to have trouble writing my own lately… besides, it might be fun to see how you handle me. :slight_smile:

Name and Any Nicknames: Wilfredo Martinez, but nearly everybody calls him “Wil” or “Martinez”

Personality: Wise Man with a sense of humor. Think Uncle Iroh from “Avatar.” His humor makes him sound like a fool at times, but that is intentional. Cares a lot about people and tries to help with words or deeds. Enraged by cruelty, willing to lay his life down to save others. Has a soft spot for pretty women, but won’t be fooled by them. Doesn’t care for fame or fortune, but has unending curiosity, especially about magic.

Background: Born in Puerto Rico, he’s older than most other RPGC members. As a child he found out he had the Gift of Magic, but his superstitious family forbade him from developing it. When he was a teen, his parents died; unhappy with his life and still at odds with his siblings over his use of magic, he left his world and began exploring the Multiverse. Years later he returned, now a powerful sorcerer. He found out his niece Nelimar also had The Gift, and he convinced her mother (his sister) that it would be best if he taught her how to control her abilities. Reluctantly she agreed. Wil also discovered RPGC and joined them. He later introduced Neli to the group as well.

Present: Lives by himself in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, but still spends time exploring other worlds. He’s also training Nelimar and helps RPGC with any emergencies.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Close friend with Valkyrie Esker and Omega. Also with Hunter (Elf-Slayer) though he’s not currently in the group. Nelimar is very close to him. Many RPGC members seem to look up to him, probably because he’s “A grown-up who gets them”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Physical Appearance: Really plain. Dark Hair and eyes, melds into a crowd easily, which is how he wants it. Doesn’t even look Latino. His only noticeable feature are his thick eyebrows. Favors casual clothes (of whatever type is favored in the World he’s in) usually green or blue in color. When adventuring, adds a high-collared cape.

Powers and Skills: VERY powerful sorcerer, thought he tends to be better at combat spells than more practical ones (like healing.) Master of strategy. Has an encyclopedic knowledge about topics (doesn’t mean he knows how to do everything, however! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) While he’s no true fighter, he’s better in physical combat than most mages. Uses a staff in combat. Has a knack for understanding people’s motivations and how to help (or trick) them.
Although Wil has a good collection of Magic Items from years of adventuring, he doesn’t favor any in particular, instead bringing along whatever he feels would be appropriate, such as healing potions.

Eh…what the hell…

Name and any Nicknames: d Galloway, mostly known as Galloway or simply “Gallo.”

Personality: On the outside, a calm, cheerful, joking kind of guy. On the inside, very easily frustrated, unable to control his temper at times, and frequently violent. Primarily desires a normal life, but still willfully fights for good and right if needed. Hates ESPN.

Background: As an infant, he was genetically modified with saiyan DNA. Fifteen years later, the shattering of a relic caused the modifications to begin to manifest, slowly transforming him from a human to a full-blooded saiyan. He has tried being a superhero, but was strongarmed by his family into abandoning this path and pursuing other careers. Once worked as a mercenary, but lost all his earnings to the IRS.

Present: Currently in his senior year at California State University Fresno. Still works as a hero when a serious situation arises.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: Most RPGCers stay away from Galloway, especially after he became a walking Gary Stu. Loves Weiila, but the feeling is not mutual. Hates Val and Glenton, and the feeling IS mutual. Despises Mabatsekker, and generally gets along with Wil, except when fighting evil due to contrary ideas on how far to take it.

Physical Appearance: About 5’6", with red spiked hair and silver armor over red clothes. Almost always wears shades for some reason. When travelling, wears a full-body hooded read cloak.

Powers: Years of DBZ have allowed Galloway to control ki, using it as a projectile, a shield, or merely a way to fly. Besides simply stealing the techniques of others, he has developed a handful of his own techniques, especially in using ki to enhance his physical attacks. He also has a katana, but only uses it occasionally. Being a saiyan, he is also far more powerful than a regular human.

Weaknesses: He lacks an incredible endurance; he can easily be taken down by a few well-aimed attcks. He lacks any real martial arts training, having learned most of his techniques himself, and can be defeated easily by an actual master. He is also a genuine idiot at times, often acting without fully analyzing a situation or with a complete lack of common sense.

Name and Any Nicknames: Heaven’s Soldier, HS

Personality: HS is a very calm and relaxed person most of the time. He is always ready to step into action the moment one of his friends, or even a complete strange, is in trouble. Is also rather serious, but is still up for a good laugh, as long as it is not at someone’s expence.

Background: His father was a hero from another dimension, that was plagued by a near endless war. His mother was an angel like being, also from a different dimension. Unfortunately his mother died when he was barely a year old, and was raised by his father who taught him his personal dual sword fighting style, before being killed himself, when HS was 12.

Present: Has been working on and off with RPGC for the past three years. Is currently working with RPGC, and is hoping to learn from some of the more experienced fighters/heroes.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers: None really, but looks up to the more experienced fighters/heroes, like Sir Percival, and Wilfredo Martinez. And would like to work with them, so he could learn some more fighting styles/magic.

Physical Appearance: Short, black hair. Brown eyes. Medium height, average build. Always has his two katanas strapped straight down his back. Wears black jeans and a long black button up shirt, along with silver gauntlets and greaves (leg armour).

Powers and Skills: Has the ability to sprout angel wings from his back, and take fights to the sky. Is skilled in using two katans at once, but now prefers to fight with his hands.
Can manipulate the air itself slightly, allowing him to increase the strength of his blows, by making the air around him move at razor sharp speed.

Well there you go.

You’re a cool guy, Arac, and while I’ve never seen your writing, you’re quite well-spoken. So what the hell. Not like I got anything better to do.

EDIT: Made a small update in light of Val joining.

Name: GG Crono. Answers to both “GG” and “Crono”. Most prefer “GG”.

Personality: Free-spirited adventurer. Generally friendly and slow to anger. Is also a wiseass. Tends to give off the impression of a clumsy goofball at first glance, and can be a bit reckless.

Background: Waking up in the middle of nowhere with amnesia can evoke many feelings in a man. With GG Crono, it was anger. Anger at the Powers That Be for throwing him into such a cliche, GG Crono has sworn to have nothing to do with it. He might be the last of an ancient race, or a living weapon designed to destroy al creation, perhaps a hero with a forgotton destiny, or maybe just some idiot who hit his head. GG Crono doesn’t know, nor does he care.

Present: For awhile, he took on the guise of wandering adventurer/thrillseeker, but always tended to gravitate back toward the realm of RPGC, so it’s there he has settled. He’ll still jump every time the opportunity for an interesting outing comes up.

Notable Relationships: Is a semi-regular aquaintance of Omegaflare, though the two seldom see eye-to-eye. Has butted heads with Glenton in the past, but is happy to stay out of his way and let him do his thing. Does not know Wilfredo Martinez personaly, but holds a great deal of respect for the man. Has also, to everyone’s suprise, become something of a friend of the Valkyrie Esker, if by “friend” one means “person who she probobly won’t kill”.

Physical Appearance: Take the hero of Crono Trigger. Recolor to have purple hair and a green tunic. That’s GG Crono, thus adding insult to the injury that is his existance.

Powers and Abilities: GG has some affinity for black magic, but doesn’t use it much. His main asset is superb agility. He tends to go down fairly quickly when hit, but he’s very good at not being hit. His weapon of choice is an enchanted katana, which is seemingly indestructible. He can also conjure flame around it by force of will.

What the heck, why not?

Name: Xero

Personality: Very protective of his comrades, but generally well liked. Has a very positive outlook on life and often cracks jokes, even in dire situations. While not as formal as Sir Percival, he speaks rather formally most of the time. However, in battle, among his jokes, he tends to lose his formality, so much even to swear a little.

Background: Xero is the current king (Bahamut is the dragon word for king) of dragons. After rebuilding his kingdom after an attack that killed his parents, he ventured to RPGC and made it his second home.

Present: Currently, he his a regular at RPGC who defends it to the teeth, while going of journies with other members.

Notable Relationships: While he enjoys his solitude, Xero has positive relationships with several people, most notably GG and PC. He’s gone on several journies with them mostly just to keep them out of trouble that they seem to drag him into. While he counts them as friends, he’s still wary of PC and his suicidal tendencies. Also has a distant relationship with Val and has had a friendly rivalry with her ever since he appeared at RPGC.

Physical Appearance: Green dragon wearing a crown, a blue robe, and carries a golden staff with a dragon’s head.

Powers and Abilities: Among is races natural abilities to fly and breathe fire at will, Xero is a master of Black Magic, but also dabbles in Time Magic, and has the ability to cast White Magic in the most dire of circumstances, but it would drain him terribly. For that reason he carries what seems to be an alost unlimited supply of elixers.

Thanks for all the great profiles, everyone. I’ll probably be starting sometime around the week of Halloween.

I wish ti join, if it’s still possible. hwoever, I feel too bloody tired to type up the profile tonight. I shall do it later, fi it’s okay with you.

Sure, it’ll stay open until the story’s over.

Seems fun. ^^

Name and Any Nicknames:
Kairi, no nicknames. Name is too short for such things.

Can’t really think of an archetype…Perhaps I’ll edit one in later. ^^
She is playful and at first glance some what of a ditz. With those she meets for the first time, she is somewhat flirtatious. Unless they catch her on a bad day, where she’s more snarky. Most people are at ease around her, because she’s so talkative and cute. She does tend to be blunt and say the thing everyone is thinking but no one wishes to say. Carefree and airheaded is how she loves to act because it lets her ask questions freely and it throws people when she gives them hints that she knows more than she lets on.

Her original homeworld is long gone, destroyed by her actually. No big loss. As far as she knows she has no family left anywhere, but that doesn’t really get her down. Hard to miss what you never had. She’s the host for the guardian of the western universe in her own dimension, but since she’s not there at the moment, the guardian is dormant. Nothing really striking about her background. Oh yes, she’s half sea nymph.

At the moment she’s lounging around rpgc. She’s not high enough of a level to do much in the way of protecting RPGC, not with all the other heroes around. No job to speak of, she is getting rather bored with not being able to go out on adventures. So she jumps at the chance to go do something fun.

Notable Relationships with other RPGCers:
She is not really close to anyone at RPGC except GG. He can be quite the interesting character. She is nonconfrontational, so she has no enemies to speak of.

Physical Appearance:
She’s 5’1, 19 years old and no longer looks like she’s 12. Yay puberty?
She has dark blue hair she trimmed fairly short and wears a red plaid hat that covers most of it except wisps that have grown longer.
Her eyes are the same color as her hair, and they do this most wonderful thing when she’s mad. They turn noticably black.
Clothing-Being the lazy character she is at the moment, she wears a red plaid flannel shirt over a black spaghetti strap top. She wears overalls unhooked that miraculously never fall down. Scientists everywhere ponder this phenomena.

Powers and Skills:
She’s a summoner, specialty, water summons. She is actually able to replenish her mana source constantly so she has no limit to the amount of summons she can do. Only her lack of control keeps her from doing something like that.
Her singing is also somewhat of a distraction for the male gender. This is only a recent discovery. What a surprise it was for her to learn she was actually part siren.
And just because she felt like it-she can use healing spells.
She’s fairly good at hand to hand combat-Aikido being her favorite thing to do. Throwing people across rooms is so enjoyable!
No equipment to speak of.

We should not get along, that is for sure. Still, Sir Percival would not go out of his way to attack P.C. Glenton unless he felt that the rogue threatened or had harmed someone or something dear to him. He hopes that the rogue will be brought to justice someday, but fortunately, his ally Valkyrie Esker is already on task, and the paladin has full confidence in her abilities.