April Fool's Websites

I saw one so far on RPGamer, the whole “we’re retiring” stint…

Any others?

Kongregate made an April Fool’s game.

You missed the review of the guitar-controlled Zelda?

Related, IGN had a trailer for an Ocarina of Time movie.

The World of Warcraft ones were pretty good this year.

But no one will ever top The GIA’s April Fools “joke” all those years ago.

Well, xckd, dinosaur comics and questionable content have all made it so their website goes to one of the others.

Try for yourself.

My april fools joke is not going to class. :slight_smile:




Also I hope you all got rickrolled.

This arrived in my inbox…got a wtf out of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, and everyone’s avatar on DeviantArtnow has “so i herd u leik Mudkips?” in it. >.>;

The Swiss bank UBS posted billions of pounds of sub-prime losses.

AHAHAHHA… oh wait, it’s real. :frowning:


Bush said we’ll withdraw our soldiers from Iraq.

Ha, as if he’ll ever do that.:bowser:
Also RuneHQ got taken over by bacon. Mmmm… Bacon.

While it’s not an April Fool’s joke, the Foreign Minister of Finland was forced to resign due to “Flirty SMS messages”. (And get this, the chick claims he ruined her life with this whole fiasco, even though SHE was the one who contacted the press.)

His replacement tries to drive is into NATO. -_-;

News: stuff about dutch celebrity, exclusive footage

Also I think thinkgeek is selling a WiiPeeing game now. I’m not SURE if it’s an april fool’s joke because, y’know, Japan.

Teenage girl finds that her brother was replaced by an alien!!

(Actually, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It’s really a viral ad campaign for Marvel Comics’ new crossover event “Secret Invasion”, in which several superheroes are replaced by shapeshifting aliens; it starts this week. The proof: the screensaver says “Who do you trust?” which is Secret Invasion’s catchphrase. Using a fake blog ala Lonelygirl15 for publicity was quite clever, I must say. :wink: )

I made my boss and entire lab believe that one of the main topics of research and funding we have was tumorgenic in patients, that patients had gone into seizures as a result of treatment and people had died and that an advisory against further research had been placed. In the process I also made it look like 2 of the papers my lab were going to send for publication this week had been scooped. It was beautiful.

One that I stumbled upon was for a meh site called Socks make you Sexy (or something to that effect, and no, despite the name the worst they’ve got are a bunch of trash talkin’ gamers though I didn’t thoroughly probe through their site’s depths) but that aside all it did was a handing the site over to one of the staffers and came equipped with a bunch of useless crap as well as a forgettable flash game obviously inspired by Portal.

That and this so far. (Don’t worry it’s clean though slightly foreboding.)

And perhaps this as well. (Unless of course this just happens to be real, which would be cute, but I still call bunk for everlasting peace.)

And another one featuring Sponge Bob

Sony is planning yet another PlayStation 3 model per an FCC filing submitted last Saturday. That would be version number 6.

GTA IV will have eight hours of cutscenes, and the game was slapped with a rating of “18”

Gibson is suing everyone and everything simulating a guitar sound, or sells an item that could accomplish the simulation.

All of the above is/could be true.

This isn’t an April fools joke.

Apple is getting sued for the Second Time over deceptive use of dithering and low quality screens on their PCs. 20 inch iMacs are notably horrible for editing photos on.

If only this was a joke, as it was posted on the first originally.

They were originally sued over their Macbooks (and Macbook Pros) sucking and lying about the colours the screen is capable of.

As well The newspaper has the headline : “Captain America Assassinated”

These are true. Also Gibson is suing everyone except Activision now, take that how you will.