April 5, 1994

;.; you’re a whore! A WHORE!!! runs away crying

Don’t “heh” about it around me. grrr


Actually, it was through Layne’s death (which affected me a lot more, first because I was older, secondly because Alice in Chains was and is probably my most favorite band ever; certainly the band whose music resonated most with me at the critical points in my life) that I was able to gain a better perspective on Kurt’s. When Kurt died, most all of what I knew about rock n’ roll came from my parents collection, growing up with their Morrissons and Hendrixes and Joplins… I thought musicians were SUPPOSED to die in their late twenties. Being young and dumb, I had this idea that Kurt dying at 27 proved his music and by an extention “my generation’s” rock n’ roll was legitimate. [I didn’t know shit.]

Kurt’s been gone so long and left so early in my life I can’t really recall how I felt when he was around. He was already gone when I was really growing up. Layne was still around (sorta) during my critical period, and they were always my favorite, so I knew enough to miss him (as a fan). And I still do.

[EDIT: by the way, Layne died around this time of year two years ago. I don’t think they’re sure about the exact date still, because when they found him [4-19-02], he had been dead for an extended period of time. He could’ve died, I think they estimated, as early as the 5th. Same day, 8 years later. One Burned Out, and the other Faded Away. Pretty spooky.]

Sorry I wasn’t laughing at his death, I was laughing at that another “grunge” vocalist died too. Layne Stanley ruled though.

Here we are now.
Entertain us.

An albino, a mullato, my libido, a misquito…

I never could figure out what the **** he was trying to say.

Kurt cobain is dead, his music was pretty good. Sad he’s gone though, my friend worships him though, believes he was murdered.

That is because most of his songs were just his random thoughts. A lot of recurring themes like chewing meat and being a woman, though. I think that he wanted to stay in his mom’s womb all his life. =p