Apprentice Patch up to 8th Edition!

Wee ^^

Does it really matter? 8th is just reprints. :stuck_out_tongue:


It has every set UP TO that, jeez :stuck_out_tongue:

… I’ve had a Scourge patch for a LONG time.

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Erm… I just downloaded it for the first time today. ;__;


[deepbreath][screams]YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS![/screams] A way to play MTG online that is free! Now all I need to do is

A: Learn to play
B: Find someone to play with.

Now, where’s that online rulebook?

There are a number of people here that play, Steve, Cala, Zhou Yu, GG Crono, myself and Dai(not sure if he plays apprentice though). As for learning, I find that the best way to learn the game is to watch others or actually just start playing a game with someone that knows how.

Yeah. It’s not the finding so much as the learning that intimidates me. From all the threads I read here it’s like some kinda second language that i just don’t know. I’m looking at the rules for it and it looks helluva:suckah: complicated.

It is helluva complicated later, but when you play core set only, it’s easy to pick up and learn. It gets more difficult when you add in expansion abilities and have to learn technical points like what would happen in a scenario when certain cards react with each other in a certain way.

And then there’s the frequency of draws, but that’s more of a tournament level thing, and you can always pretend to understand by just stocking 4 of each card that’s not a basic land, which is generally a good idea anyway.

I don’t play Apprentice because 1) I just don’t like the interface 2) clicking takes more time and just doesn’t have the same feel as actually playing face to face with somebody and 3) you just pick cards and put them in your deck. I can’t have people ooh and ahh over my bombs because you have access to every card and multiple copies of them. And people can just look up deck lists and carbon copy them since they don’t have to worry about rares and what to exchange them with :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I got two programs, Apprentice and a muc nicer-looking demo of the licensed game that would cost more, so I practise against a PC on it. So far I have figured out:

Land = When tapped (turned on side) provides mana (power for doing stuff) and if you don’t use it all you get mana-burned for however many you tapped and didn’t use.

That was without rules or anything. Did I get it right?


And Dai: I agree. I only make decks with Apprentice that I own IRL.


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