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What is negative about death and dying?
Should something be changed about the negative implications that the media portrays death and dying(of humans, animals)?

Unrelated question:
:no2: Why do some people say “life is a pain(suffering)…get over it”?
Do we as human know nothing but pain?
Is happiness an illusion?

:thinking: Something to think about. ::dekar!::

Either watch Suicide Club or kill yourself. These are your two options.


Another question is, what is better: to spend your life trying to answer questions, or to spend it doing things? Myself, I’ve done my share of the former, but ultimately, I feel it will have been wasted unless I use it as a means to better <i>living</i>. Philosophy is at best the husk that reality sheds in our minds. There’s not much life in studying a husk.

UF Jabricruds is a national treasure.

According to the Hindus, everything is an illusion.

Reality is a matter of opinion, according to a random pondering by Flynn in the novelization of TRON.

Like people having favourite colours?

Like the association of philosophy and morality? :no2:

Nah, he was thinking about how subjective reality was. This was brought upon by the process of getting beamed into a computer.

And according to the Buddhists, existence is suffering. >.>

Death is a negative because as far as can be observed about it, it is The End. When people are enjoying something, they don’t want it to end.

I think Catholics who mourn at funerals are the humongous hypocrites.
I can’t tell THEM that though, then people’d be all “UNSENSITIVE DIE!”

humongous hypocrites? why? they are mourning the fact that they will not be able to see their loved ones until they die. at which point their loved ones will mourn because they have, in life, lost someone close to them. even though they will see them again someday, they won’t be able to meet with them for quite a while yet. or did i just miss something about your statement?

Yes, if they believe they go to heaven. See, I can understand mouring for a day or two, but goddammit, you shouldn’t frickin’ mourn at funerals.
You should celebrate that they’re gone to a better place.
Like the Irish do/Celts did.

and suffering is caused by desire. We would not fear death if we were not attached to anything in this world.