I happened upon this late, late at night when I was scanning my satellite channels. I haven’t ever been a big fan of anime, but I was amazed at the quality of the graphics. The story was kind of cliched. As for the final battle sequence, it was almost as if the creators made the entire movie because they wanted to redo the Hoth Battle from Star Wars. All-in-all the story was nice and the action sequences were amazing - even if the characters(the bitchy woman commander, borderline blonde-haired bad guy, bad guy general who thinks he’s doing the right thing, etc.) Anyone else ever seen this one? You guys liked it or not?

What was going on with the girl and the robot, though? Did they have a thing together?( I turned it on halfway through)

I’ve been wanting to see this. I only saw the original from the 80’s.

I saw bits an pieces of the new one, not enough to judge… and I don’t remember enough of the old one. I must rekindle those memories!

The old one played on Scifi and I have it recorded, is it worth the watch?

The old one has a terrible dub…wow horrible. But it’s worth to watch…nothing spectacular.