Apple angers users by getting in bed with RIAA/Pepsi

True dat lindsay sistah. True dat.

There is no better way to stick it to big buisnesses then to, uhhh, buy products from big buisnesses…

The one woman’s beef with Pepsi made me laugh. Almost makes me want to buy Mac products. Almost. Maybe if I hadn’t already seen <a href=“”>this</a>.

They sell music, and they sell it by the song and not by the album. Which is how I’d like things to be, and in this case how they are. Who Steve Jobs sleeps with is of less importance, though he might want to take a lesson from UnkownArtist’s ‘Weenie in a bottle’ and be careful with Pepsi. And I think the RIAA got Aids, what we’re seeing is the last gasps of the immune system. Better be careful with them too.

“Weenie in a Bottle” is not by Weird Al, no matter what the tags of the songs on Kazaa say. :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed it, happy?