People sleeping with (not having sex with) catgirls make the ESRB go nuts. Those who’ve played Atelier Iris and heard that quote know what I’m talking about.

However, this is a thread on localization and how certain jokes could just have been skipped over, this is one of them.

That makes me want to buy the game even more now.

On the topic of selective censoring…

Why is it that in WA2’s localization, Sony felt the need to change Cain to Caina (male to female, because Cain had a crush on the main male hero of WA2), but they left in a scene that has been misinterpreted by thousands of gamers as incestual rape?

[SPOILER]Caina was male? Well, with all the bishonen in RPGs I shoulnd’t be surprised. But wasn’t her name supposed to BE Caina, as in the frozen river of Hades? (Fitting in with the Bad Guys’ mythology theme?)

And that scene wasn’t rape, it looked consensual to me (still incest, thought!)[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER]Yep, his name was Cain in the Japanese version, which still kind of works with the Cocytus theme, I guess. 8)

And I don’t really think the scene was supposed to be any kind of rape. It could have been a magic ritual, and she could have been saying what she said because her brother was finally opening up to her. 8)[/SPOILER]

I love spoilers!

Sorry, that’s just THE most I’ve ever seen in succession…

  • is there a record for that? Without having just deliberately done so?


What’s WA2? I want it. <_<

DB: Wild Arms 2. One of the BEST RPGs ever. At least story-wise. Many people don’t get it, but the theme of the game was HEROISM, and how different people interprete it differently. Besides, where else can you get not one, not two, but THREE different major menaces (each of which would’ve been a Final Boss in other games? :slight_smile:

Dalton: since the scene wasn’t graphic, I suppose it could be open to interpretation, but dammit… those two HAD a weird vibe going on, you gotta admit! 0_0 )

And Ninten: You should’ve seen the multiple blacked-out blocks of text on the MATRIX thread. PEEKABOO!:stuck_out_tongue:

So Iga, how is the game? I am thinking of picking it up.

I don’t quite understand Ys 6 getting “Use of Alcohol” descriptor.
It was one scene of minor significance… and a couple others of minor importance talk in a drunk voice. That so bad?
Okay, so FFX has blood. But I actually didn’t even notice it until recently. And I must’ve played the first 10-15 hours like 5 times already.

Yes, WA2 might have a good story, but it is entirely drowned in the absolutely terrible localization. There are parts of that game that literally make no sense at all. Hands down the worst I’ve ever seen, including FF Tactics. And it was too easy, too. But all WA games are fun in some way, so they’re all worth playing at least once. :sunglasses:

Cid: I disagree, I had no problem understanding the story, and it made perfect sense to me. But then again, I have decades of experience with convoluted storylines (from comic books) so maybe I’m underestimating its effects on the average player.

And I must admit, the dialogue is terrible. > <

And I didn’t find particularly easy. In fact, I could never beat three of the optional Bosses, and that’s pretty rare for me.

I liked WA2 a lot,sure terrible dialog but good game,and that scene you are talking about yeah preaty much open to interpretation,but also obious what they meant.

Just out of curiosity which bosses were you stuck in?

Most likely Xenon, Ragu Ragula and Angolmois. I’ve only beaten each one once (Ragu I beat twice, but once with the cheap method).

Pretty great. Honestly, a good 2-D RPG dominated with 3-D masterpieces of complete CRAP.

However, I HIGHLY suggest listening to the english voice-acting. Not only is it creepily better done than the Japanese one, it’s damn good.

NIS’s localization team has been crowned the best in my book for a long time now. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana just continues that tradition.

Wilfredo: I never said I couldn’t understand it. I just said that I didn’t bother, because after a while it was just too painful reading that godawful text. The parts that make no sense at all are mainly the ones involving Liz and Ard.

WA2 is unique in that it is amazingly easy all the way up until the end, unless you attempt to beat optional bosses, in which case it’s impossible.