Apology Accepted, Captain Needa

Ignoring the obvious Star Wars reference in the title, this thread is about apologing to people you feel that you have wronged in the past. Be it false claims, gender confusion (damn internet), fighting, or <strike>murder</strike> stealing.

For starters, I like to say I am sorry to Tenchimaru Draconis for making a thread about him after I was banned tempory. It was my fault that I got banned and I shouldn’t take it out on him for doing his job. He does a good job as a operator, and while he should wear pants more often he is a pretty cool cat.

I also like to say I am sorry to Trillian, Nulani, and Jenna for hugging you like some love sick freak in the chat.

Sorry to Jango for making new episodes of TRT…just kidding.

And I am sorry for the kid who I beat up in fifth grade who now wears glasses after I punched him in the eye several times with my fist holding a flute box.

Now that isn’t so bad? By the way, don’t confuse this was the old confession booth thread of the past, so no “I was secertly the one who ate the doughnut in Half-Life 1” posts.

clears throat <.<

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say wronged…just really annoyed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just on my way to do some stuff… Oh! What’s this say? Finally! My comeuppance has arrived! I should go wait somewhere inconspicuous and act none the wiser…

But, aside from waiting for all the apologies to come my way, I might as well apologize too…

Um, I’m not too sure what I may have said, but I’d like to apologize… make kind of a blanket apology, cover the whole thing there, like one of them blankets you put on a fire, you know, when uh, when you’re burnin’ leaves in the backyard and it gets out of hand and, you know, you gotta throw that blanket over there. That’s what this apology is, here. So, uh… hope I didn’t offend you or say anything out of turn, there.

Sorry DragonTear, for two reasons. One for hugging you in the chat, which is something I know you hated. And two for forgetting to mention you eariler in the thread.

^^ .

I’m sorry for making fun of Indiana and the people who come from it.

Oh who am I kidding, no I’m not. LOL INDIANA LOL GIMMA SUM GUNZ AND CRACK!

I’m just kidding old chap. slaps rirse on the back dude, let’s play golf some time, aight? Ciao brotha.

I’d like to say I’m sorry to Sin, for all the stupid things I usually say when there are biology-related threads.

And to Kor, for picking on him in the chat and here.

And also to all the religious people, from everything I might’ve said in religion flamethreads.

I’m sorry I’m so awesome.

I’m sorry for being on this board in general.

I’m sorry I can’t Force-choke some of you… << >>

I’m sorry you’re so gullible, Rirse.

I’m sorry… sorry you’re such JERKS

Good, good. Stop talking.

I’m sorry for exposing every one to Sailor Vegita.

:moogle: I’m sorry for swindling RPGC Doritos, and pringles funds…No i’m not.

I’m sorry I’m the best internet poser ever.

False alarm. It was just so Rirse could get on TD’s F-serv :smiley:

yes, yes you are.

I’m sure that was intentional

I am sorry for being me. That was a big mistake.

Or maybe not.