Apollo Justice

So I beat the game last night. Any thoughts?

Overall, it wasn’t as good as the last game, but it was still pretty good in its own right. The last case kinda killed it for me, though.

I just completed the last case. I really like it. I can’t believe what happened to Phoenix. WHY HASN’T HE MARRIED MAYA!? :frowning:

He almost did.

But then someone stood up during the vows and yelled



I think something happened, because of how he says he relates to Trucy. We’ll probably find out in the next game.

He would’ve had Trucy when he was 18 which didn’t happen so Trucy for sure is adopted. It irritates me to see that they didn’t resolve this in AJ -_-.

Just got it yesterday. Am almost done the first case. So far so good.

Um, The Mason investigation in Case 4 clearly shows Phoenix adopting Trucy >_>

I meant the Maya question. I couldn’t care less about Trucy (for now). Its obvious anyway.

The last case was the best part. For once in these games I didn’t have to make a bunch of insane bullshit leaps to finish a trial. Finally a fucking logical chain of events and ideas actually works. It was also awesome that Gavin didn’t have the “FUCK YOU PHOENIX WRIGHT YOU SUCK DIE DIE DIE” attitude for Apollo like all the prosecutors in the first three games had for Phoenix.

Phoenix Wright became one hell of a manipulator over the years, damn.

Yeah, Gavin is a breath of fresh air. Although oddly enough, his actual indication of being interested in the truth seemed somehow lackadaisical… like where’s the antagonist? I still stand firm that Edgeworth is by far the best prosecutor; he has it in for Phoenix, but isn’t ridiculously over-the-top; he’s well-matched but not too weak or too strong; he’s willing to bend the rules to win but not break them. And he doesn’t have any insane tics like a whip or a coffee addiction. -_-

I just started the third case, so still not looking at spoilers, but one line had me on the floor. In the third case, if you look at the red sphere in the middle of the chains in the Gavineers’ dressing room, Apollo will say “You don’t have to turn on the red light”. It took a second or two before I realized that’s a line from “Roxanne”, by a band called… The Police. It was actually a great connection.

The problem wasn’t so much that the case was terrible. In fat, on its own merits, the whole thing was pretty good. My issue was with inserting the flashback case and Mason system in the middle of the actual 4-4. You maybe spent two-three hours on the actual case, and about ten hours going through the flashback. Personally, it would have been a lot better if they had broken it into two separate episodes, rather than try to push everything together in such a haphazard way.

That, and the Jurist system was a colossal letdown. It actually sounded like something that would change things up a little; instead, all it did was add a pointless choice at the end. Maybe they’ll change that next game, if they decide to use juries again.

That being said, the last case has one of the most despicable villains in the series yet, and the resolution was intelligent and well-crafted.

Yeah, the villain was awesome and the whole point of Phoenix doing the Jurist system was to get him convicted, really >_>

Overall, I liked the game well enough, but I think they should have called the game “Turnabout huge-set-of-absurd-coincidences”.

Yeah I’m through most of the second case and because of what SG mentioned and the topics panties…, I feel that the writing is not as clever.

Finished it today.

I thought the writing was pretty good, especially Valant’s lines. Trucy makes a good stand-in for Maya. [spoiler]I was disappointed not to see an adult Maya and teenaged Pearl anywhere… maybe they’ll turn up next game.

I do think that Gavin is a bit too much of a wuss. The other prosecutors were over the top, sure, but they provided a real sense of antagonism and “battle” that this game completely lacked since both of you were really on the same side.

As usual, I loved the last episode. I’m really curious to see if Lamiroir is going to show up in the next game and whether they’ll further deepen the relationship between Phoenix, Trucy, and Apollo.

I have to say I didn’t care for the “Perceive” parts of the trial. It was way too hard to catch some of these things. I also missed the Magatama… maybe Phoenix will bequeath it to Apollo in the future. Also something I noticed: when you finish the final episode, fast-forwarding actually works, finally. 8p In the other games, you could never fast-forward the final episode.

[spoiler]I think the biggest problem with the percieve system is that sell it to you as a way of detecting nervous ticks, like VOLUNTARY BODILY MOVEMENTS. I got stuck for seriously, like, two hours on Spark Brushel’s, and although I found Kristoph Gavin’s really quickly, it was lame that they also used an involuntary bodily movement for his ‘nervous’ tick as well.

Also, I’ve never had any problems with fast-forwarding the final episodes on any games. Tough luck there, man, but it’s good to see that you can finally do it :stuck_out_tongue: [/spoiler]


By the way, I was a little disappointed at how Ema turned out… considering how smart they made her out to be in PW1, it’s surprising she failed to get into forensics.

They way I saw her was that she wasn’t so much smart about forensics, just really obsessed with it. Not to say she wasn’t smart, but she never really struck me as cut out for it. Maybe I’m just remembering things wrong though :confused: