Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney dated

…For February 12th, according to www.capcom-unity.com.

I’m just gonna hope it’s a hell of a lot better than PW3, which I didn’t like very much…

I LOVED PW3 so I’m hoping that it lives up to the PW series.

Man I still need to do case 3-5 of PW3. Fuck you DS, stop making me bleed money and time.

I liked how you got to play as different characters in PW3. A refreshing change. And they seemed more coherent than the previous two.

I’m definitely picking this baby up. I hope they include more stuff like in Chapter 5 of PW1.

I believe they’re going to, Cid…I just personally hope they do it in a way that’s more fun. I thought that some of the stuff they used (Luminol, Fingerprints testing, reconstructing the vase) was just straight-up gimmicky. Other things though, like pointing out contradictions in a video tape, or 3D evidence manipulation, were pretty awesome.

An official flash demo of the first part of the first case. Enjoy.

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Dude. Awesome.

Just finished the demo. I couldn’t stop laughing at Apollo losing his voice.

That being said, this is definitely a buy for me.