AOL passwords SUCK

So, heres a little spiteful thing I’d like to say about the folks in charge of programming AOL password security.

Lets say my screen name is: Somethingsomething
And lets say my password is: kikkoman1999
((NOTE: This is made up, if someone is actually named, then I’m sorry you have a stupid ass screen name))

OK, no problem, I’ve got a name and a PW that no ones gonna figure out.

well then, lets log into aol to check our email k?

Screen Name [Somethingsomething]
Password [kikkoman]

Now notice, I didnt put “kikkoman1999” I just put “kikkoman” because I accidentally hit ENTER while typing… But whats this? AOL signed in anyway…?

Well, let me see then, there must be a mistake…

OK, so I narrowed it down… I just enter kikkoma, BING, I get in…!

Umm, kikkoma is NOT my password AOL fuckers! Why can I log in with this PW?

ok… kikkom YEP, logged in!

I tried this (using my REAL screen name and password) on different computers and the way it worked was as long as I got the first 5 letters of my password correct, I got to log in.

This, my friends, is BULLSHIT security.

That is all.

So that’s how I Managed to send Tons of spam whist I was in the Pub with No PC and my Phone was off (You can set up AOL accounts to so you can Pick Up your Mail Via WAP, mine was one set up to). I asked the Collage (Exluding My Home it’s the only other Place I check My Mail) to Check Security of the Network.

I was only using that seen as the Mail I was receivng Would fill my other accounts Very fast. (would you belive that girls from holland filled them)

I ditched AOL when my perents change ISPs. I Personaly Now Recomend Yahoo Acounts seen are Large and 1 Problem in the Last 4 years and that was a Sever Failure over the weekend. The Spam Blocker is very good.

Big Nutter
Still that a great point for Not going AOL

My son, its time to move on from AOL

You use AOL. I have no pity.

And i read your mail. Sorry, just letting you know. IMs too. =\

You act as if AOL didn’t suck anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me that there’s a h4xx0r database of everyone on AOL and the five letters required to enter their account.

I now use Hotmail, Lycos, Yahoo and as my email seriveces, and as said earlier I ditch Ass-'oles-limited for a better deal, For Telewest with extra TV channels.

Big Nutter
Best Online Decsion I’ve made.

AOL database saves only the first five characters of your password, and anything beyond that is ignored. Big news. Who didn’t know that yet?

But what you didn’t know is they don’t even store them encrypted. They store them as is, so if someone gets their hands on the database, they have everybody’s password. A smart webmaster encrypts the passwords, then enters the encrypted one in the database. When someone logs in, it takes the password they enter, and compares it’s encrypted version to the one stored in the DB.

I used AOL once…it corruped my registry and I had to pry it off my system with a crowbar. Aside from their mildly ok IM program, AOL sucketh muchly.

And yet people still use it out of free will. Can someone explain why?

My dad likes it. He pays my internet bills. Say what you will about it, AOL is better than no internet at all.

The Only reason I think I had it. I only used Web e-mail at Collage until they did a flat rate.

Big Nutter
And the web e-mail Addresses are Still going!!

Its not price, as it costs 3 times as much as local dial up provider. Its not ease of use, as the little “movies, music, etc, etc” modules in their browser crash all the time. Its not for extras, because you have to pay for everything.

I have no idea.

God, that’s complete and utter crap!

Did you know there are people who actually think they are cool because they are part of a “leet AIM hackers underground”?

How fucking dorky is that?!

I hear that! I wish our fathers weren’t such cavemen.

Considering IM is how the entire world communicates now, i dont think theres anything dorky about that ;P.

Though yea, those guys in AIM chats like “OMG I HAXX J00 NOWZ” are lame, but still, reading people’s IMs is so awesome it balances out ;P.

Take your grandfather for example, maybe he wants to send e-mail to his kids and their families, or to use the internet once in a while to look something up. Chances are he doesn’t want to bother going to and downloading “Big Bobs Browser V1.01”, or do a bunch or comparison shopping to save 5 bucks a month. He can install AOL and it serves his basic needs with a minimum of hassle.