Anyone with experience with MP3s or MIDIs...

I have a request. I’ve posted the request on VGMusic, but the person who offered to do it jsut vanished.

Meh. but that’s an Ape Escape Midi. Not my point.

Anyways, if you have played Ocarina of Time, one of my favorite themes was the King Dodongo/Volvagia Boss Theme (Dodongo Cave/Fire Temple.) I dunno if it’s only in the US version, but meh.

Anyway, I found this and was curious to what the “Dinosaur Battle” in Ocarina of Time was.

This IS NOT WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR. I love this song. And I couldn’t recognize it at first. That’s NOT a good thing.

It’ll do I suppose, but could anyone perhaps show some kindness to the kitty and compose a decent MIDI or MP3?

Update: I jsut checked KAzaa. No help. sighs