Anyone want to share memories of Dragon Warrior IV?

This was a great game for the old NES- one of my favorite RPG’S -i remember when i bought this game and took the Strategy Guide to school to see if anyone else was playing this game i got in trouble because a teacher took one look at the book and accused me of being a devil worshipper and bringing a satanic book to school- anyone else have this “satanic” Strategy Guide?

Lol, first ever RPG hint book. That is awesome

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The guide wasn’t even all that good, though it is fairly rare. And it’s hardly the “first” RPG Hint Book for NES, considering I have a “Hint Book” for Final Fantasy I and one that covers both Zelda’s and Star Tropics.

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My enduring memory of DWIV:

I was always severely underleveled and had no idea where I was going. I was playing on a friend’s borrow’d cartridge. I was on my fourth attempt to kill Saros’ Knight (I managed to do it not by getting stronger but by getting lucky and Ironizing at the right time). When I finally take him down, I jump up in celebration and manage to shake the floor a bit, causing the Nintendo to go gray-screen. Reset + Power Off and then Power again, and I see that my save file was erased.

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On topic, I would love Dragon Warrior IV a LOT more if it wasn’t for the stupid AI controlling the party members in the last chapter. =(

The PSX version eliminated that, btw. Well, not eliminated, but gave you the option of manual control.

I figured, since they gave the option of manual control in Dragon Quest V too (I think auto-control was the default in that game… but I can’t remember)

Is the AI any good though? In Dragon Warrior VII, the AI always knew the best command to use if you set your characters up right.

And I haven’t played Dragon Warrior IV yet, but if it’s as good as III is, then I’ll love it.

The AI isn’t as sophisticated in DW4 as it is in 7, of course, but it occasionally makes the right move. It’s always pretty good with Ragnar or Alena, as they can’t do anything but attack anyway, but with magic users it’s hit or miss. You can tell them “No MP” and they’ll attack if they’re fully healed, or defend if they’re even slightly hurt, or you can tell them “All Out” and they’ll use the Beat or Expel spells until they run out of MP. Taloon (Torneko) was interesting to have in, as he had abilities that could only be seen when he was set to AI, such as calling for a group of travelling merchants to come take a few swings at the enemies, or kicking sand up in the eyes of the monsters.

But, basically, if you had mages in your party (which is damn near vital), they will be useless. Expect no Increase or Bounce spells, though they do tend to use Heal or Healmore when it’s absolutely vital (and sometimes when it’s not, IF they even still have any MP from casting Beat or Expel).

As for a comparison to DW3 (I assume, by that, you mean the NES version and not the GBC version), it’s pretty close. The graphics are arguably better or worse, depending on your point of view, but the plot is much more in depth. I’ve even heard a few people say that Saro (the villain of DW4) is their favorite villain of any RPG.

I’d take the opportunity to mention something about the PS2 version of DQ5, but, honestly, I haven’t gotten far enough into it to know all that much, and I doubt I will any time soon, what with the recent release of Ys 6.

Dragonquester, you still got DW4? I’ll buy it from you. :D:D:Ddd

i still have it with box and instructions but i would like to keep it because it is the only 1 i have- but check out ebay- it shows up there often- but probably overpriced too.

Dragon Warrior IV was one of the first RPGs I played on an emulator. I thank God everyday for the existence of emulators and ROM files, for without them, I would never of played many of the great RPGs that have existed.

My memories of it are rather fond, while I never did get around to beating it. I did get to the last dugeon, though. Making the AI control your characters was, in my opinion, amazing kewl, though Cristo made some wacky decisions sometimes. I always use that option in DW V and VI. In my opinion, it is very tedious to have to select what your characters will do each round. It’s like a slightly better version of Auto-battling, like that seen in Earthbound and Suikoden. For similar reasons, I have always liked the macro system in Phantasy Star IV, too.

My favorite memory of DW4 is that it’s my favorite game and I don’t even have it. :frowning:

My memory of DW4 was when I finally beat that motherfucker Necrosaro into the ground after he changed forms and healed himself a whole shitolad of times. And then my NES died.

Dalton, I’d say minus the AI controlling your characters at the end of the game, it’s as good as DW3. 3 is a step above, though, as it implemented things common in today’s RPGs, like class/job systems, the ability to dismantle your entire party and start anew in the final parts of the game, and some other cool shit, too.

DQ5, though, IMO, is the best game in the seies I’ve played so far.

(have played 1-7)

I’m a DQ6 fan, myself, but I’m trying desperately to play DQ5 on PS2. I’ll let you guys know if I ever get far enough to have an opinion on it. :smiley:

I remember DQ4 as a great game, but it was a long time ago that I played it.

Somehow my friend’s sister ended up with my cartridge and, while on a rare visit to their parents’ lake place, I discovered the old system in a basement room. I fired it up and my old character (whose name was something clever like “Nimrod”) was still there.

It made me feel like playing again but we were on our way to my friend’s wedding so I figured I should go to that instead, considering I was his best man.

Speak of Dragon Warrior…I am stumped by DQ6. My two best characters have been “thrown away” by panther-type monsters. Where in God’s name do these guys go when they’re tossed out during a fight?

Any help anyone can provide on this would be much appreciated…

Just like in DQ3, when your characters are thrown into Limbo, you can find them at the Eatery. In DQ6, easiest solution is to had to Dhama [Alternate World], and go to the counter where you can add or remove party members. Anyone who’s been tossed off during battle should be there awaiting pickup.

Thanks, Mr. Saturn. It’s been a while since DQ3 for me so I didn’t remember that tidbit. Makes sense. Time to go get my characters back so I stop dying.

Unfortunately for my family, Daddy’s got a reason to go back to playing video games.

Ha Ha! I’m only sort of kidding.