Anyone Want Anything?

Well as of Monday, I’ll be off to Corfu, for a couple weeks. And then after only two weeks back from there, it is off to University up in York.

So if anyone wants me to bring them back anything from Corfu, ya better tell me now, or it will be too late.

PS: If you happen to have any, and I do mean any, suggestions for handling life at uni, they would be most welcome.

I want…a garden gnome

Old books and maps from the Minster Gate Bookshop.

A gnome for me thank you, I dont want what these things are…I just want a gnome

I want you to annex Corfu.

Food would be nice.

:moogle: perhaps a warm sweet pastry?

What is korfu?

Send me a postcard. And i want it to be full of refrences to the internet. Hit me up on aim(devilli0n) and i’ll give you my address.

What the fuck is Corfu?

If that’s what I think, Corfu is an island west of Greece. It looks pretty. I have a friend who’s there right now (not that it matters, but it explains why I know what the fuck it is :P).

Bring me back … $60.

… What? It’s worth a shot.

It sounds like tofu. Or korv.

Korv med moos. Mmmmmh. <3

I want…a post card…

I want a PSP

New guy, you can only get one thing, you’ll have to choose either the post card, or the gnome. I ain’t gettin’ ya both.

And for anyone who cares, this is Corfu:

I want meat!

Meat meat meat meat i like meat meat meat meat ha ha meat!

and spam! :spam: Ilike that to. but mostly Ilike meat meat meat!