Anyone want a copy of Xenogears?

Some time ago, I acquired a copy of Xenogears knowing how rare it was. However, when playing the game for a bit, I found that it just didn’t click with me. But perhaps somebody here might be interested before I flock to eBay or whatever?

I don’t have the original case or the manual, but the game is in very good condition, and I played it for some hours.

How’s $45 + S&H sound? I’m willing to accept PayPal if I can figure out how to do so.

If interested, PM or message me and we’ll iron out some details. First come, first served, of course.

Hoping to hear from somebody soon. I’d be happy to know that this game would be going to a good home.

You can get a used copy of Xenogears online about 30. Maybe less.

Could I ask where? I checked both Amazon and eBay extensively and 50ish seems to be as low as it goes. It’s a modestly rare game.

I know its rare. I thought I saw copies going for lower than that. I haven’t looked in a while though.

Google tells me around $100 new, $30 and down used.

I bought it last year at a local store for $10. Money well spent, apparently.