Anyone want a copy of SaGa Frontier?

I bought this game quite some time ago, but it didn’t really click with me. Regardless, it’s too rare a game to just hock for store credit. Anyone here interested in buying it off me for a reasonable price? Don’t worry, I won’t ask for much.

I may or may not have the original case somewhere around, but I do still have the manual.

My copy 'sploded a few years back I really want another. No cover is fine since I still have mine, how much do you want for it?

If this is distressingly cheap, I’m interested. Otherwise, I have no moneys.

I’d be happy to get twenty bucks for it, though I’m willing to go a little lower if you think that’s unreasonable. Plus a buck or two to cover shipping/handling charges.

Infonick PM’d me asking for some info first, so I can’t give either of you an answer one way or another until I hear back from him.