Anyone that didn't like T3 is an asshole!

I saw it again today, its just as good as the other two. But whats the deal with the T1000 and the TX being able to cross the time displacement field, in the second and third movie? Only living things can go through, the T600 can go through because he has living tissue. But the T1000 and TX dont! WTF?!

T3 <b>is</b> my asshole.

I enjoyed T3, and I think it was because I went in not expecting something like the original Terminator movie. The series is such a pop culture thing by now that it’s hard for it to be a completely dark or serious thing like the original stuff.

Yea, I thought it was cool. The ending rules.

I think it succedded in being dark and serious. Arnie’s monotone self saying “Judgement Day is inevitable” was pretty serious.

I didn’t think that sort of thing wasn’t serious, I think I should clarify. In comparison to the original movie, this one’s funny. I watched the original once I was old enough to handle it, and I’ve watched it since then, and every time it scares the crap out of me. I think that’s because the story from the first one was man versus machine, with no help from some other very powerful machine; when it came down to it, Sarah Connor was alone against the Terminator.

This one was serious in its conflict regarding human control over events, but the overall mood seemed lighter to me than the other movies.

Hmm… Someone told me it was horrible… They may have been stupid or something, but I’ll see for myself.

Yeah, there was a lot of laughing going on, in the theater.

yeah unfortunately this one isn’t Terminator or Terminator 2 but it does a respectable job holding up the franchise’s record.

although I’ll ALWAYS say that Mankind should’ve vanquished fate once again in this one like the other two instead of losing

Thats why I said they screwed us in this one, I want to kill fate!!!

I think they were right in saying that Judgement Day is inevitable - because I believe that. One day, we’re going to have the pay the piper - and there is no use in postponing the inevitable. As such, I think the ending, as sad as it may be, was ultimatly true. I can’t quite peck out whats on my mind, but hopefully you get my drift.

I didnt say I didnt like the ending. I loved the last scene, I want to make a snowglobe of that, where you shake it and the eye lights up and slowly fades out.

see, I didn’t like it because the whole point of the series (other than blowing shit up) is about how humans are better than machines, that mistakes can be fixed, “the only fate is what we make,” etc. etc. etc. But in the third one the movie people took all that story, looked at it, said “Nahhhhhh, we wanna do T4,” and made the fate unavoidable. Blah. I wish Cameron did T3, he got it.

i really dont like james cameron as a director so i dont want to see this one…

the only reason i suffered through #2 was because edward furlong is motherfucking hot.

James Cameron had nothing to do with this one… I guess you werent listening to Merl…

edit: Sil, are you a chick? or a gay dude? I cant tell.

No, dying from physical living is inevitable.
Inevitable meaning it would happen without time.
Just expressing my free determinism.

I agree, that they’ve sorta turned this into a money making machine instead of what it was, but that’s hollywood. Anyway, I think “the only fate is what we make” still applies - man has fought eachother for so long with these insane weapons, and now the weapons are turning on man. That fate IS what we made (paying the piper?), and now they have to keep fighting to keep on making their own fate. If their fate is to die out, then they loose. If their fate is to live on as a race, then they will win the war against the machines, hence, they are still making their fate. I think this movie was more about how you can’t escape your fate, and that it’ll catch up to you. And now that it has, they have to fend for themselves and continue making their future.

Sil is a gay dude.

James Cameron didn’t direct Terminator 3.