Anyone still play Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3?

I probably be getting these two games soon, but I am wondering if anyone at RPGC still plays them online. I probalby still get them even if nobody is playing, but I hope there is still a Starcraft like amount of people playing online still.

We should get a list together. This question seems to come up a lot…

I play Warcraft III, occasionally. Mostly custom games.

I thought more then one person played those games. Didn’t Vorpy have WC3 and Eden have Diablo 2?

There’s a very recent thread about WC3 with this.

I play custom games on WC3 a lot still. Kodo Tag, Tower Defenses, DOTA Classic. The custom games on Warcraft III are basically unlimited entertainment. If you like you can play DOTA with the group I play with.

I play mostly custom games on WC3 myself, and I’ve been getting back into Diablo 2 lately as well.

I dont have Warcraft 3, but i still play Diablo II occasionally.

I say we all play diablo 1.

I vote for StarCraft. Its custom maps are much better than WarCraft’s.

I’m usually up for SC, and I’ve been thinking about finding a copy of d2, though if that takes money I’m gonna say to hell with it.

I wouldn’t mind playing Diablo 1 with some of the other forum members.

i need to reinstall diablo 2 exp, i play starcraft ums’s, just dled warcraft 3, diablo one is sitting in the dust pile i might get it out

I played Diablo II so much over this fall break that my cheeckbones hurt. FYI, I don’t mean the ones on my face.

By the way, if anyone is wanting to play, I been currently using server US WEST to play and with the channel being rpgc. The game is usually rpgc/rpgc (game name/password) for the record. Soulrift also plays, but he hasn’t posted in this thread yet.

My guys are all US East.

I find that Diablo 1/2 are way bogged down with too much level mashing…(rushes etc.) Starcraft is decent to play online though…

i need to buy diablo 2 so i can reinstall with exp

I have both games all though my diablo 2 original is scratched i think :(.
Though if RPGC decide to have a online tourney or something with these games i will deffinitely reinstall it :slight_smile: :bowser:

Ok, I’ve Lost my Starcraft Disk… But Since I like RTS games, I’m planning to Buy Warcraft 3 + expantion for £19.98. Should I?

I have checked spec’s and pass. (I’ve just up graded)


Do it bignutter its fun as for atleasta month or two.

Got it for less. I don’t feel like a Proper go on until 21st…