Anyone saw the FF: Advent Children trailer yet?

i was able to download the FFAC Trailer, it looks fucking great. anyone got an idea about the story? (as far as i understood the story its about some guys who found Jenovas Head)

raises hand

what do you think of the movie? (i’d prefer a game)

I would Like so much that I would put Nutter in frount of it and Steal his materia.

What? I’ve got to rebuild my Pc before I see them again. But i’ve seen one on gamespy. What are you on CE?

Just sit here so I can Steal your materia.


Big Nutter
It would Appear that CE-chan is Pulling gags from Legandary Frogs FF7 Random battles Out take No. 2.

:biggrin: the trailer was soo freakin awsome, but then again, i dont know what the story will be about. but it seems to good. and even if its not ama just watch it since the graphics are pretty cool.

ever noticed how many swords Cloud wields now? His Bike alone contains 6!

The buzz about the FFAC trailer is old by now, just so you know.

great way to kill the topic buddy… :too bad: thanks alot

Cloud pulls out a 2nd buster sword from his pants during one of the trailers.

Now what is that implying.


Well, sorry, but it’s true.

well i admit I’m late with this topic. But I´m still fairly new, and discovered it just a few days ago…

some fun stuff to sift through

Damn, Eva beat me to it. >.>;

i got big ass sword in my pants… anyone wanna see it ? It’s a Bastard Sword…

Yes he likes to drop them on the freeway and make traffic a real bitch