Anyone remember this?

Cartoons are fun

I always liked that…


Part two was better! Better I say!

ya i liked both, they were kinda interesting if u ask me, maybe a bit cute and cuddely(dunno how to spell it) but had a good plot.

I don’ t remember it but it’ s quite amusing. :hahaha;

Interesting. Maybe I could ask my mom to make sense of the music, since she’s Korean. My Korean skills are lacking. But being that it is Korean flash, it explains the rampant cutesyness.


I like the hearts and I can’t watch the sequel at school.

Aww… ^^

Kawaii… Always a good watch :wink:

Yes, amazingly I do. It’s only reposted once every second month.

Well, I hadn’t seen it.

:fungah: -So you’re clueless as ever. What else is new?

Grumble Anyway, I liked it a lot. Cute, funny, original and well-done. Thanks for posting it, PD. I assume this is the first part of the similar Flash posted a short while ago? (“Run for the girl” or something?)

Eheh, I actually have no idea. My brother showed this to me sometime last year (in summer or something), and I haven’t seen anything similar to it at all just yet.

God. I think we’ve seen had five different threads on this thing so far. Yes. Yes. Almost all of us have seen it. It’s tired and played out.