Anyone played Yoshi's Island DS yet?

I’ve been considering getting it. It looks pretty good.


Bought it, lovin it. It’s like the original formula but with more stuff, more babies, more gameplay, more fun.

After the first Yoshi’s Island, I just can’t make myself play another. The sound of Baby Mario crying haunts me… I’m scared! If that’s gone, maybe I could try again.

I think they toned down the crying, but that may just because I don’t jack up the volume on my DS when playing it.

If you thought Mario crying is bad, lemme place this scenario within your head.

Baby Wario.
Baby DK.

Think about it.

Turn down the sound completely. I’ve spent years trying to overcome the terror of the very first metroid hatching. Then I’d panic and it’d bitch-slap me. Yes, fear is truly cheap.

Getting this game for Christmas.

I can’t!