Anyone play Lufia for SNES- here's a wristwatch you should find interesting

Oh man, that’s sweet.

Lufia merchandise? Goodness…


Can I have it? :smiley:

Name any body part you want beklow the neck. I’ll gladly give it up for that watch.

I;m not joking. I want that watch.

Hi- that watch is really special to me- it was given to me by the people at Nintendo who decided whether or not to release Super Famicom games here in English for the Super Nintendo- They gave me the watch in appreciation for helping them with the game Estopolis and making suggestions about a U.S. Release- i had bought the Super Famicom game Estopolis and played it- Somebody at Nintendo knew one of my gaming contacts and told them i knew a lot about the game- They contacted me and i helped them through the Japanese version which we know as Estopolis- The head programers at Nintendo working on this game which was eventually called Lufia were given special Lufia watches by Taito- Since i helped them they gave me one too- That is why the watch is special to me- It was never sold to the public and i was told about a dozen were made by Taito as gifts to programers working on translating Estopolis into Lufia.I was lucky enough to be given one and i have never seen another one.I wouldn’t sell this watch for a million dollars- really

Man, that’s cool. Top secret merchandise :stuck_out_tongue:

Urge to point out the obvious… rising…

Umm, sorry to be a suspicious bastard, but could you possibly take a picture of yourself WEARING that watch? It’s just that I noticed that what you showed was a rather plain picture of a watch, that someone could have gotten anywhere online and said they own a copy of. Now, if we had a PICTURE of you wearing it… and maybe holding a banana… that would definitely prove your validity. As it stands, though, I’m rather skeptical.

Now I’ve seen everything…

Ehhhh…that looks like it’s Lufia 1. I didn’t like that one all that much. But Lufia 2 was great. Find me a Lufia 2 watch, and we’re in business.

I agree with Val. Seems like just a play to stir up the raging hormones of Lufia fans.

If it was digital…

Stupid hand-y clocks with their dumb numbers around the thing…

Hi- i like suspicious bastards because i am one too- i don’t believe everything i read- since i don’t have a digital camera to take a pic of myself holding the watch and i don’t want to buy film and take a regular pic and then scan it how about since i have a scanner i can take a scan of the watch next to 3 FF5 Japanese Trading cards-Those cards have to be extremely rare- the 3 cards are of 2 characters from the game and a ring( the cards also picture some weapons and items besides the characters)and i will place one card under the watch and the other 2 on either side of the watch- reply if this is acceptable proof- Don’t worry: if i had read this claim about the watch and never seen one before i wouldn’t believe it either!

Why bother? If it’s real you’re not gonna sell it anyway, and if it’s fake no-one will care much and we’ll forget about it in a few days.

Why bother ? is a very good question - i guess the only answer i can give is i want to provide a way of verification as a courtesy to Valkyre Esker- Like you said - maybe it really doesn’t matter to anyone else but it does to V. Esker so i am offering a way to scan the watch with some FF5 trading cards which may make it more believeable to V.Esker and to be courteous i would like to answer her question if it is real-

it is real. To be perfectly honest, I have many doubts that you had as much of a part in this as you said, since I doubt that anyone as close to the project as you say you are would a.) Come to this unofficial Forum, post about having this watch (maybe not exactly bragging about it, but certainly bringing more attention to it than usual), not even post a picture of wearing it or in a position that doesn’t look like an official picture. Also- and this is one of the slightly more biased reasons- I doubt anyone your age and with connections like you do would post like you do. mainly, without proper punctuation. That last one is probably baseless, and only there ebcause I dislike it when people don’t end sentences like they should.

I just came here because i found out about the site and i thought there might be somebody here who played Lufia and would like to see a scan of the watch.I knew that nobody would have seen it before because it was not sold to the public and given to only a few programers at Nintendo who worked on the game and fortunately me for helping them with the Japanese version of the game Estopolis- You may notice i did a post sharing some scans of FF5 Japanese trading cards i bought when the game was first released on the Super Famicom- i know those cards were not issued here and i scanned them for the same reason- to do a post here to share them with FF5 players who may not have seen them- i did the same thing at gamefaqs- i even sent a couple of the cards to some players there who requested them who really like the game- if i had multiples of that watch i would probably do the same- send one to anyone who requested it- I have also run across some carts of Super Nintendo RPG’s at garage sales for 50 cents to $1- i sent a cart of Lufia 2 to a player at gamefaqs because i read his post that he had been looking for the game for years and since i have 4 i found at garage sales cheap i sent him one- He was really happy when he got it and i only paid 50 cents for it- i had read how much some of these games were going for on ebay- you can pay $70 for a SNES Chrono Trigger on ebay or if you are smart you can check out used game stores and find them gathering dust for much less- the owners of used game stores generally tell me these are old games no one wants-

you can pay $70 for a SNES Chrono Trigger on ebay or if you are smart you can check out used game stores and find them gathering dust for much less- the owners of used game stores generally tell me these are old games no one wants-

Not so here. I went to a second hand game store, and they had all these classic games lined up in a special case, with GIANT price tags. (All of them had the boxes, and manuals, and everything)

Chrono Trigger - $80
Final Fantasy III (American version) - $130
Final Fantasy II (Again, american) - $100
Earthbound - A shocking $75 (I wish I’d known of these fools, I couls have gotten some money off my copy)

And there were a bunch more, too. No, they generally tell me these are rare classics that most people would pay out their nose to get.