Anyone know what this song is?

'Tis strangely catchy.


Highway - Captain Jack


On the Speedway - Captain Jack

Its definitely by captain jack though.

Don’t s’pose you have an MP3 handy? I can’t seem to find it.

A more important question is: what’s your avatar from, GG?

That would be Questionable Content. Damn fine webcomic.

Got some info elsewhere. Song’s called “Speedy Speed Boy”, from an anime called Initial D. Here be’s an MP3 download.

:frowning: i fail. Oh well, all Hyper-Eurobeat/Dancemania sounds the same anyway.

What’s with all the QC themed avatars, GG?

oh man, my ears!!! that’s one horrible song. Makes me want to vomit.

Hey, why not? :wink: