Anyone know how to see/kill processes under Win98?

I’m trying to remove some of the memory resident bullshit from this comp, but even with nothing running in the close program box, this thing is still quite active.

close program box? you mean control/alt/delete? They should be there somewhere.
Did you also check your startup folder? advice of a novice <.<

3 finger salute doesn’t have that option in win98. start up is clean. I ran spy bot and ad aware. They found 39 things, almost entirely reg keys, since my scans yesterday. One of them even took a restart to get rid of. *kicks some spyware assholes

Post your autoexec.bat and system.sys files here. Open them with Notepad, then post the their ocntents here for us to see and tell which lines you should remove.

Edit: going on ‘Start -> execute’ and executing msconfig.exe should tell you what is being activated when Windows is turned on. Your startup folder is not the only part where you may instruct programs to be opened when the system starts. MsConfig allows you to tick which programs you want on and off.

both are empty. at least something stayed fixed after I gwscanned this thing last week. I talked with one of the engineers from my isp yesterday (the regular tech support was just reading from a script) and apparantly my dsl signal is quite eviable (evidenced by the speed I get when the computer cooperates), but that the problems I’ve been having sound as if my ram is filling and the system is having to cache everthing on the hard disk. what is strange is now this happens immediately after unplugging the machine and letting it sit for several minutes. I think I’ll have to grab my tools tomorrow and open 'er up and reseat the ram and see if that helps. If nothing else it will definitely clear it out.

Nothing but Windows components and Norton show up in msconfig as things at startup.

I just ran system monitor for the hell of it: of my 128 megs of ram, 209 megs of it are allocated O_o.

That makes for 81 megabytes in disk cache. I don’t think this might be bad connection of your ram boards, so opening the computer just to fix their positions might be a waste of efforts. And I don’t believe your autoexec and config files are empty. Your computer wouldn’t ever boot if they were.

they are completely clear. Under 98 they are just used to override winini etc. and note that that ram value was while idle. I have know clue why this thing is eating so much ram just for windows.

the odd thing is that the disk cache is only showing as 29 megs or so. *flips off comp.

You don’t happen to know any way to check what speed of ram you have installed, do you? I’m tempted to order one of these $15 (after rebate) 128 meg PC133 dimms off tiger direct, but I’m not sure if this thing can handle it.

Config.sys and Autoexec.bat were obsoleted in Windows 95.

Do you have any idea as to how to find out what speed (PC66,PC100,PC133) of ram is in a computer. I think my problem may be solved be adding more ram (the existing 128 megs are on 1 stick) but I can’t tell what speed it is.

Update: memory managers are my friend. apparently my issue is just win98 doing a shitty job of managing memory. For one it set it self to use my entire HD as a pagefile. I installed this manager I found on and it seems to run fine now. I can even get in IRC now.