Anyone know a good place to get Wiis?

Honestly I’m exhausted from going to store after store, day after day, so I decided that maybe online might be the way to go. Although I’ve seldom tried to buy stuff online so I’m open to suggestions of where good places to shop may be. (Please don’t suggest ebay.) Also, it’s much preferred that it can ship to Canada, of course.

I was going to say ebay… :(. I have had good experiences with ebay in the past. Wiis aren’t selling for THAT much on ebay.

I know that when my GF was looking to get me a Wii last Christmas, she was looking at a website called red flag deals. Its a canadian website and it had a thread dedicated to telling people how many Wiis were getting shipped where. Bestbuys in Montreal typically get their stuff on their shelves on Friday mornings I believe. Try to find out when a given store tends to receive its stock.

You’d never believe it, but Shoppers Drug marts now sell DSlites and wiis.

Zellers usually has them in pretty often too because people check out electronics boutique and Wal-mart the most.

For online, you could Try I know was telling 14 Wiis per second over Christmas.

If you’re willing, check out the Craigslist for Victoria. It’s where I got mine, and I ended up saving a bit of cash compared to if I bought it in stores like EB.

A quick scan didn’t reveal any good deals at the moment, but just keep an eye on it. Hell, amuse yourself by reading the personals. <_<

Well, I don’t live in Victoria anymore, but that’s a neat idea anyway. (Plus it’s only a couple hours away so if I can get a good enough deal in Victoria to counter the gas spent then yippee.)

Anyway, thanks for all those suggestions people, I’ve/I’ll check them out. (I hear Zellers a lot, and I check Zellers quite often cause it’s close to me, but never any luck.)

What? Where do you live now? :frowning:

Location: Avril Lavigne

Nanaimo, actually.

You’re never happy. :frowning:


I’m never happy cause I don’t have a Wii.

Nanaimo/Victoria. you live pretty close to my Japanese side of my family.

Here, I see Wiis everywhere I go. But asking for Super Mario Galaxy? Nope. Damn shortages.

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Wow, and I remember when I sold my brand-new one this summer on Craigslist… at cost. Yes, I know, it wasn’t a wise business decision to charge so little. :slight_smile:

Wal-mart’s get all of theirs via ups, so look around during the day, usually around noon to 2pm. They should be getting them then.