Anyone here subscribe to any gaming mags?

I have subscriptions to Nintendo Power and Game Informer.
Both very high-quality gaming mags, IMHO. :slight_smile:

Nah, never really found the time to read magazines. I just get whatever is online

Nintendo Power isn’t informative- its pro-Nintendo propaganda.

At least, it is now. I remember back when it used to be a decent magazine… and then it… changed.

I subscribed to it for a long time, though. A really good mag is… ah, frack. I forgot the name. >_< They make PC Gamer and Expert Gamer- but I got their console gaming magazine, and I can’t remember the name.

Nintendo Power sucks. A lot. They give all the Nintendo games high ratings, regardless of whether or not it’s that good, and it seems they claim every game on their system is heralded as the best in years. Their walkthroughs provide little content, and their previews have even less. They’re usually uninformative interviews and pretty filler pictures. The article articles aren’t even that funny or imaginitive. NP lost it over 50 issues ago.

The only good thing about it is Epic Center and the SSBM soundtrack they had. That’s about it

Here here Dai. I was on the Nintendo Power list until I realized how stupid it was.

I had nintendo power for a while, quit in the N64 days. The comics owned.

That’s often the case, I read PC gamer for several years, I always found they had decent and honnest revues then one month they had a 10 page article about some of the title coming out for Xbox, now call me crazy, but if I buy a magazine called PC gamer why would I want to spend 10 pages reading about Xbox games?

I’ve got a subscription to PSM, EGM, and OPM and GameDev…used to have one for PC Gamer, but they quit sending me issues w/ the CDs so I cancelled…and I may cancel PSM since their stuff is basically a rehash of OPM’s stuff.

I have a subscription to Nintendo Power and OPM. I don’t really have that big of an interest in either anymore, so I doubt I’ll resubscribe.

Sand: That wasn’t an article but likely a giant paid-advertisement, I’ve seen those before. PCGamer hates the X-Box and consoles in general with a healthy passion.

As for me the only magazine I get is PCG, it’s spectacular. I trust their reviews more than any other source except maybe my movie site, and even then it’s doubtful.

I miss ole Howard and Nester from the Old School Nintendo Power. Those comics rocked! I quit being an NP subscriber somewhat in the middle of the N64 era because I didn’t have one at the time and quite frankly the mag was sucking by then. Now I have “subscribed” to GMR. Only by getting the 10% discount card from EB. I hang out at EB so much that I just read the new mag before they decide to send it to my house so it’s rather pointless. Although having 10% off pre-owned games isn’t so bad…

I subscribe to GMR magazine, dunno why, but it’s a really good magazine…

But hell instead of magazines we got the internet, so why get them.

I had Nintendo Power during the late Nintendo/early SNES years, and it rocked back then. The comics and guides were great. I also had it for a couple years (98-99), but by then the only good things coming from NP were the guides. The guides are still some of the best.

I had Electronic Gaming Monthly for five years or so. After a while I really got sick of their writing style, though. At the end the only part I really like was the Q guy’s rumor section.

I’ve had a few subscriptions to various PC magazines, but I’ve never renewed them.

<img src=“”> I subscribed to some local gaming mag called Power Unlimited before I got the internet. It wasn’t that great. Dutch people really can’t manage to express humour without looking like idiots. Also, in my opinion, a lot of the reviews were biased. They always threw the haters of certain consoles at small games to tear them to pieces.

I don’t typically look at game magazines.

I just usually go online for release date and review needs.

I subscribe to PC gamer, I don’t read magazines typically but I find PC gamer quite informative and it has some good articles.

I get game informer, which is pretty good, but the only reason I get it is to recieve 10% off used games.

I used to get the Nintendo Power equivalent when I was a wee lad… and then moved to some other mag and then I moved to Pelit (Games) which covers consoles & PC.

Oh, I did get Nintendo Power before it started sucking. They went for years upon years with no extremely outside ads, then BAM, I saw an ad for a car, and that was it…