Anyone here play Kingdom of Loathing?

I had a bit of trouble getting into the game initially, but now I’m quite addicted. The revamped tutorial helped.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Kingdom of Loathing is a free browser-based RPG.

Anyone else here play? I’m currently Mellowcorks, the Level 6 Disco Bandit.

Shit yes, KoL. I’ve been waiting for a thread on this.

Ryle, level 11 Turtle Tamer. Me and Kor have a guild. :3
I think someone else started an RPGC one before me, though. :frowning:

I’ve started a couple days ago. It’s pretty good. My name is TaranWanderer and I’m a level 5 Sauceror.

I’m on my second Hardcore Oxy ascension, but I’m deadtear a level 6 sauce

Ah yes, I keep, like, not logging in and forgetting and stuff.

Where are the pictures

This is the general look of the game, it’s basically all text based.

Oh, it’s an imagination type game

I imagine all the battles as sounding like Earthbound.

I’ve been playing it for well over a year. If ya wanna join a clan, look for “The Clan from #RPGC”, it’s just sitting there fully stocked with only me there cause a bunch of old players stopped.

I’m already in a clan, but I’ll see about checking this out next rollover. The one I’m in seems to be mostly inactive anyway.

Oh, it’s inactive, but it has all the stuff already purchased.

I just started. Cait Sith2 lvl 1 sauceror.

I’m in. Level 3 Turtle tamer as I post.

Level 3
Chill Crook

Addicterated. :slight_smile:

I just made Level 9 and I’m just a few Moxie points away from 10. :slight_smile:

Cless Alvein
Lv 11 Reindeer Threatener (Seal Clubber)
Mu: 112
My 103
Mo: 575

How and why do you have 575 Moxie as a Muscle class?

Because I can :maho:

Level 4 Accordion Thief, named Haldo. I’m already in the guild. Epic’s, that is.