Anyone here into animation?

Anybody with knowledge of Maya/3dsmax in here?

I was planning on joining an animation school but I already have a whole bunch of video tutorials with me. Is it better I learn on my own or should I take the animation school option? Help out please.

I use Maya rather poorly, basedupon teaching myself, but I’m not driven whatsoever. That’s pretty much the lesson I can give you. If you’re driven and generally hard-working, you can probably teach yourself just as well (and much cheaper) than an Animation School, although they might no some tricks that you don’t. If you’re not-so-much-that-kind-of-person, like me, you’d want to go to an Animation school to learn animation.

Go take classes. They’re not meant to turn you into some amazing animator, you’re supposed to get the basics and the concepts that allow you to expand your abilities when you DO go out and learn on your own.

Animation school practically guarantee’s you a job. Atleast, if you goto an established school that has a good reputation. They help you build a portfolio that will look well to possible employers depending on if you did well in your classes or not.

The problem with teaching yourself these things is that there is a greater pressure on building your portfolio. You will have no degree or diploma saying how qualified you are, but of course(like many things) if your portfolio is top notch then you don’t need a degree or diploma.

The best advice is to stick with it and if you are determined enough then you will accomplish what you’re going after. School makes things easier, but costs money. In the long run you’ll most likely be making money though, especially in animation in comparison to other art related options, so its probably the best option. Plus education never hurts.

I love animation, I watch tons of cartoons.