Anyone here have Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

I finally got it reinstalled, and it does work. yays! Anyways, I was wondering who had it and who would be up for a game or two.

Theses are the poeple I know who have it:


That’s about it. I wanna add to that list!

I’ve got it, and though I’ve never really devoted much time to playing it, this might be a good way to learn. I’ve just got to dig it up again.

Cooleis. IF anyone’s interested, look for me in the chat or check out the contact info in my profile…

I have it. However, it was cracked, so I probably won’t be able to play online :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Actually, TCP/IP may work, if someone hosts.

I got it. I also got 2 of the expansions (the only good ones for that matter): Armageddons blade and shadow of death. I should still be able to play with you though.

I do. Don’t know if it works in Windows 2003 though.

I have it, and the same two expansions ^^


I have it too, but it’s cracked

tcp ip, maybe I could join in that.

Mreh, have to scratch WEiila out. Router troubles keep her from playing.

I also have Heroes of Might and Magic II. Which remains the best. The halflings rule.

ok, i think i’m game too

I had both expansions and the game… till ma bro wrecked the shadow of death disc!
I got a cheap copy of the main game and i’ve still got Armagedeon’s blade addon.

I’ve got it, I just still don’t have stable access yet.

I have heroes 3 complete. Does that count?

Ok, I have:

Weiila (Whenever her router problems are dealt with)
Green Mage
Cless Alevin (Possibly)
Crhist of the Brood
ClothHat (possibly)

But we need to arrange a time. what time would you all be aviliable I’m usually avaialable from 11 PM-8 AM Eastern daily, which might put a crimp in me playing…

hey, what about me! :thud:

He forgot Kupeekun! That bastard!

Burn him at the stake!!

Ok I found my old CD, should I install expansions to?