Anyone getting a DS?

I’m getting mine today. anyone else? foo?

I’m probably gonna get it for christmas…with KH: COM!

Go KH! Go KH!

Already have mine :smiley:

And have a fun time getting a position that you can play well with. Once you get a nice handle though, it’s great.

Accroding to My games retail info source, they think the Uk has to wait until after chistmas to get theirs in ther shops. But they said they defanatly will not get one for another 2 weeks, for orders.

Big Nutter

Just use the thumb nub instead of the sylus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And i got mine like, 10 minutes ago. 64DS rocks so much. What games did you guys get?

All the game stores where I live say (EDIT: And by ‘say’ I mean ‘have huge signs up saying’) March.

Preordered mine, delivery sometime from a week from now to just before Xmas. and the country of Canada are awesome.

I’ll get it eventually.

I’ll get it when the price drops.

Same here, as well as when I get the money. What’s it like?

If you buy me one.

Haahahahh. When you’re low on funds its insane to buy anything in the months preceeding Christmas.

After I buy Dark Cloud 2, I’m going to start saving up for a DS, along with FF3 and Super Mario 64 DS. But considering I’m very poor, it could be a year or so before I can even think about affording all that stuff.

Too many other games to buy first. Sadly :frowning:

I’m definitely getting it for Christmas. I’ve gotta get WoW first.

Q: Can I use an DS instead of GBA Conrollor in games like FFCC for the GC?

I would like to know seen as my sister would like to play some games (Inc. RPGs) with me so I when I buy a GC do I get another GBA or Spend a bit more for a DS?

Big Nutter
I am planning to buy a GC for Tales of Symphonia (Just becouse I liked Tales of Phantaisa(Dejap-Snes)).

I doubt it. The GBA had a special port the DS may not doesn’t have, plus Nintendo seem to be doing as much as possible to distance the DS from the GBA just short of stopping GBA games playing on the DS (no trading between Pokemon versions when playing on DS, no connectivity for Advance Wars between DS’s etc etc).

I sort of thought about it for a day or so, but I probably won’t. I have other things on which I’d rather spend my hard-earned money.

Also, I tried the demo set up when I went shopping, and I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.

If I had the money. Also, it’s great to have you back Charl.

I’ll get it when the next nintendo handheld comes out. its called the Nintendo BS. This time its just a GBA with like 5 extra screens so you can pretty much make up whatever kinda random ass handheld you want. It also has fancy stuff like an MP3 player, DVD player, camera, and BUTTONS… All of which are sold seperately of course.

awww, no fair :too bad: .I want one .Ill most likey get it for christmas or something. if not, ill get it somehow…