Anyone ever see the movie "It?"

That movie really screwed me up awhile back, stupid parents thought it would be “fun” to say it was a Disney movie about a friendly clown in the sewers. What a horrible movie, have you ever seen it?

I watched it last year, after a couple of failed attempts to get into the book. I loved it, even if it disturbed me a bit.

That’s a cool movie, if you could just take out the ending (HORRIBLE) it would be fantastic. That clown is just a classic, one of my favorite villians.

the movie was okay, but after reading the book, it got worse and worse. I was always scared of clowns when i was a kid. that book was the only book i’ve ever read that gave me bad dreams.
I dreamed i took a hike through the woods, and an un-dead werewolf came out of a drain pipe and attacked me. I assume it killed me since i woke up.

all in all, if you havnt read the book and never intend to, it is vary deep, and the movie is vary lighthearted in comparison. But it was a good scary movie to make people paranoid of clowns and drains…

<img src=“”> Mwhuahuauh, of course I seen the movie…as I was the star of the flick. The eater of worlds and smal children, Pennywise the dancing clown love the bit where I kill people. Pity those losers had to foil my plans.

It…scary! Clowns…EV0L! :eek:

Ahhhh! NOOO! :hyperven:

Lol, how old are you?

Isn’t that the movie about what happened to Ronald McDonalds after he tried one of their own hamburgers and mutated?

I haven’t seen it, but I have heard a bit about it: From that I conclude I won’t watch it. It’s enough that I don’t like clowns, I don’t want to become scared of them also.

I read the book years ago, and I watched most of the movie over a year ago. I was scared of clowns anyway… and that’s a shame considering my great aunt dresses as a clown for sick kids.

Yeah, but it’s not as creepy as In the Mouth of Madness…nothing creepier than something Lovecraft-ish whimper o_o;;;

Very scary movie. ^^;; But I watched it when I was older, so it didn’t really leave any lasting impression. I think the only movie that gave me nightmares for awhile was The Watcher in the Woods… which in hindsight really isn’t that scary. Go figure <.<

Perhaps the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in all of American Cinema.

Letting the judge from Night Court star in a serious feature film…




Originally posted by KaiserVonAlmasy
[b]Perhaps the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in all of American Cinema.

Letting the judge from Night Court star in a serious feature film…

The bald guy, right? What movie did he star in? I admit, that is pretty scary… <.<

Wow I was thinking about how bad that movie was today. The first half, was great, maybe because it focused on the kids and how disturbed they could get. It scared the hell out of me back then, but as I watched the second half…eh. It was pretty bad. A sad way to end a movie with a promising start.