Anyone ever hear of this japanese show?

Its called “Trick”

Its like japanese X-files only hella more funny. Its on sunday at 9 on some channel I forget, it shows up as “Japanese Drama” they change shows every time the show ends. but the name stays the same. check for it. if you have a tivo record it, its hillareous, if you have seen Godzilla 2000 it has one of the characters. Abe Hiroshi.

I used to watch the Japanese doramas on Sunday nights all the time. ^^ Have you ever seen Beautiful Life or The Last Song or the one with the girl who played a sax? I used to watch them on ch. 35 or 17, or occasionally 12. Anyway, I’ll try to start watching it… sounds pretty cool.

Awsome, Astral, you are my hero! Get Sin to watch it too. I havent watched it for like 2 years, and even then I only saw one show, I forget the name.

Maybe it’s on the International Channel (Channel 32)

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Originally posted by Karlemagne
Awsome, Astral, you are my hero! Get Sin to watch it too. I havent watched it for like 2 years, and even then I only saw one show, I forget the name.

Ok, I’ll try to get him to watch. As long as it’s light on the sappiness, he might like it. Some of the doramas were so depressing it was scary, so it’s good to hear that they’re showing something with a little humor. ^^

Its not really sappy at all, nor is it dramatic…

If you liked X-files or… ummmm you know, shows about detectives or supernatural shit. You’ll like this show. Its my favorite show now.

Its a comedy/mystery, its not sappy in the way of romance at all.
The two characters have a relationship kind of like the blond guy and lina inverse in slayers have. They’re friends, but dont really like eachother. and are always teasing each other. like how naoko has small breasts and is always using the wrong words (japanese has words that mean completely different things, but are only different because of one letter. Like Psychokinesis and some sort of fried fish is only different because there is an E in it some where.)

Naoko Yamada is a magician struggling to make ends meet who agrees to partner with Professor Ueda, who has been asked by detectives Yabe and Ishihara for help in investigating crimes committed by people claiming to have supernatural powers. While some of the cases are simple matters of exposing frauds, some are a bit more hazardous, such as taking on the leader of a murderous religious cult, or a disgraced magician who makes an entire town disappear into thin air. As Naoko gets to the bottom of these cases, she also begins to make discoveries about the strange circumstances surrounding her own father’s death.

Quirky professor Jiro Ueda and struggling magician Naoko Yamada investigate and unmask the fraudulent people who claim to have supernatural abilities.

It was on tonight. Did you watch it?