anyone else have a problem with this?

I reaaaaaaaaaaaallly hate that July comes RIGHT after June. I cant stand two months with the same letter being right next to each other. I also cant stand friday being an F day, instead of another M day. god damn it! It makes me so pissed!!!

Yeah, it’s really fuckin’ annoying. They should call it Zunday or something. And call July Rune if you don’t know I’m not telling you

Yeah, and we can call this thread a waste of space just to go along with the changing of names!

Yeah, it’s REALLY annoying. I mean, when I label a graph or something, I want to be able to go J/F/M/A/M/J/J/A/S/O/N/D without two J’s right next to each other! What the fuck is July’s problem?! (I’ve got beef with January and March/May too)

I think we should have a different name for every one of the 365 days of the year. That way, we would be forced to improve our education system so we could teach the children every name of every day of the year.

But without July, we couldn’t spell JASON with consecutive month beginning letters. >.>

I’ve got no problem with July, but I’ve got a bone to pick with fuckin’ February. Who does he think he is being special and having fewer days and changing the amount of days a every couple of years. February better hope he doesn’t see me in dark alley.

Man, us Februarians could kick your ass, bitch.

I’ll tell you what month rocks though. Fucking march. Best.Month.Ever.

Dudes, shut the fuck up. especially you, jango! you stupid asshole. YOU’RE a waste of space!

and yeah. why do all months have to have a different amount of days? 35 fucking days in a month! FIVE WEEKS! that would fill up every square in the calendar, not wasting any of it. 420 days a year! fuck the moon! oh ok, we can have a new month every new moon. ok? 28 days a month, 336 days a year! no no no, fuck the moon, I was right the first time, fuck the moon, fuck it! FUCK IT! FUCK IT!!! ok, no, I love the moon, I love it, fuck it though, fuck it. ok. fuck it. ummm, yeah, lets go with my earlier plan. 420 days!