Anyone else get this PM?

Hello there my name is hypntzd,

i would like to invite you to join a new forum which is for everything and anything. I fully understand what it is like to join a forum and find no matter how hard you post or try to make a impression on people you seem to be forgotten or ignored because you have not been there for the same ammount as other people. Personally i find this unfair as every member is equal and therefore every member has a right to not be ignored when they make topics or posts. That is why i run my own forum because with big forums or even not so big ones you can find your topics or posts are being bogged down by a vast ammount of activity or on some cases you can find your being screamed at for minimal thing’s and classed as a noob because you simply are trying to get the bearings of the forum. This is something i really do not agree with. I run my own forum on the understanding that we treat new people the same as the old and we never ignore there posts of topics and if we do need to tell someone off we do it with respect and not screaming at them or embaressing them in a topic.

For some more information on the forum we have the following sections, gaming series [FF, KH and guild wars], console sections, roleplaying, anime, clubs/fan clubs, seperate sex sections, adult section, entertainment, general chit chat, creative sections, debates, spam and also of course a shoutbox for chatty interaction.

You will not be ignored or treated like a new member in the case of a noob your a member and will be treated with respect and concideration.

I do hope you will join our community. We would love to see you there!

Use either of these links to gain access



I hadn’t noticed until I read this post, but yes, I did. Also four other members were listed as recipients.

Yes, I did.

A thread wasn’t necessary, PM a mod next time you get private message spam.

But it is much more fun to make a public display of it to better bond with my fellow internetians over this random bullshit, Epic! D:

PS it contains seperate sex sections and adult section lawl.


I wasn’t sure if it was spam or not. I’ve never recieved a PM spam on a messageboard before.

my inbox just got violated by this guy!

I need an adult!!!

Yeah I got it too. I hadn’t even noticed until I saw this message. This is definitely a first to get spam in this form.

Yeah, I got one too. stabs it with a flaming sword

Strangely enough this is the second piece of PM spam I’ve gotten here.

Also by posting in this thread we are alerting the shadowy organization behind our shady ‘f[STRIKE]r[/STRIKE]iend’ to the success of their malicious deeds.

So there will be more of his ilk attacking our sacred haven of sanctity and brotherhood? By the gods, what have I done?

banishes himself in exile

This is the third piece of spam PM’ed to me. The first was another forum invitation, and the second was a Greeting from buddha.

I feel an urge to know more about that last :spam:.

I’m sure that wasn’t spam…

I got that spam from Hyp(whatever) twice in a row it seems. Double-spammed =(

I was just about to send a private message about Mr. Unpronounceable Name and his idiotic forum, but it seems that this thread is solely designed to complain about him. Very, well.

I don’t very well appreciate my private messages being spammed, Mr. Unpronounceable Name, and I would hope that you kindly stop, now. Thank you very much. If you are so keen on us joining your forums, you should have put them in your signature, and posted here. Some of us would certainly be curious enough to check out the forums that you so lovingly put your time into, enough to have their own sex section (by Jove, how innovative!). However, it’s only natural that we’ve become miffed at your impersonal spam message, when you could have made your own mark here. It’s a pity, I suppose (although if your grammar is any indicator, it’s most certainly not a pity).


Hon. Genericangstyposter esq.

Yeah, I’m a bitch. edit: Also, “thing’s”.

I got that PM too. After much “concideration” I decided to pass.

Well I already banned the account so whatev.

One of those is for pedophilia.

Thus, I found the PM quite useful and joined his forum gladly.

What I find most interesting is that buddha quotes a lapsed Jew, turned agnostic, to characterize the religion of which he himself is founder. But I am pleased that buddha endorses emoticons.