Anybody watching Jeopardy?

There’s an 11 day champion who’s got more than $350,000 in the last 11 days. He’s averaging $34,000 a show, that’s about $92727 an hour (22 minute show). It’s crazy!

Yeah watch jeopardy every now and again. Is he setting a record with how many days he has won? mugs the dude >_>

I bet he is. Most people (champions) don’t get past 5.

I haven’t watch TV (For more than 2 hours at a time and that was because it was on WWII), but I use to watch it. Anyway that’s interesting.

He’s up to 11 days now? That guy is crazy I tell you.

Holy shit o_O;;. Do people get taxed on their winnings? I know the lotto is taxed.

(In the US) If a person has gotten more than about 250,000 dollars, I think they’ll have to report it to the IRS.

One time, I had a dream in which X and 984 were competing on celebrity Jeopardy.

Long story short, “X, your cow noses SUCK!!! lol”

That’s because there used to be a rule that you couldn’t go past 5 games. You’d get a car if you won the fifth. They recently removed the rule.

You still need to write that fanfic, Nessa.

As for Jeopardy, I thought they retired champions after 5 days. Huh. Wow. That’s damn good.

I have naught to say but this: “I’ll take ‘The Rapists’ for 500.”

That is all. :smiley:

He is now over $400,000. Way over. And he is winning so much that two days ago one lady didn’t know the answer to Final Jeopardy so she put “Whatever Ken puts as his answer.” or something similar. He got it right, but they didn’t allow her to have it. I think they should have.

I also think about a year back, they doubled the amount of money given out. Jeopardy questions are now worth what Double Jeopardy questions used to be, and Double Jeopardy questions are double that. So it’s easier to get a higher score these days. Still, when you look at the difficulty of the questions compared to the relatively low amount of money you can win on the show, Jeopardy is one of the hardest game shows to win big at, with the lowest payoff. If you can win at Jeopardy, you could probably easy win big on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

(b’.’)b Very literate of you, 984.

Yes… ALL people named Ken are that smart. :slight_smile:

Oh wow! It was posted a minute after you! Golly gee! :open_mouth:

The guy is at around 410,000 and if is 20,000 dollar victory over his closest opponent yesterday is any clue, he’s gonna keep going for a long time.

Yeah, it’s pretty damned amazing. I bet SPE is rethinking taking away the max victories rule. There’s not a hole lot more to say about it, but here’s Steve Beverly’s take:

[QUOTE=<A HREF=“”></A>]<font size=6><center><b>LUCKY 13: $440,158</b></center>
<img src=“” align=right><font size=2> Had this been the <b>Jeopardy!</b> of 30 years ago, Art Fleming would probably have looked at Ken Jennings twice and said, “Well-wagered…well-questioned!”<br>
The Salt Lake City area software engineer made two safe, sensible bets on Daily Doubles in Double Jeopardy! Friday on the way to his 13th consecutive victory.<br>
Jennings again had the game locked away going into Final Jeopardy! but did not dominate as decisively as he has in recent matchups.<br>
He connected on all 17 of the 17 answers he attemped in the opening round but was held to six correct questions in the second half of the first Jeopardy! segment.<br>
On the day, he was 33 of 34 attempts (16 for 16 in Double Jeopardy!), including the last two Daily Doubles on Insects and Vietnam.<br>
With $27,000 going into the finale, he was one of two players who nailed the Final Jeopardy! answer on the category of The 16th Century.<br>
Answer: in 1582, the man born Ugo Buoncompagni proclaimed this solar dating system still used today. Correct question: what is the Gregorian calendar?<br>
<img src=“” align=left> Newspaper publisher Bret Bradigan’s $4,200 wager left him with a second place $14,000.<br>
Jennings’ $3,000 bet gave him another $30,000 day and a 13-day total of $440,158.<br>
He remains in 23rd place on the all-time syndication winners’ list but is closing in on the nine married couples who shared $1 million annuities each on <b>The $1 Million Chance of a Lifetime</b> in the '80s. recognizes the couples as $500,000 individual winners.<br>
Two more wins at his current average of just under $34,000 per show will vault Jennings to fourth place in syndication history behind <b>Jeopardy!</b> Million $ Masters winner Brad Rutter and <b>WWTBAM</b> millionaires Nancy Christy and Kevin Smith.<br>[/QUOTE]

I heard that the guy’s friends talked him into it.

Is he still on?