Anybody want an unopened copy of Dragon Warrior 7?

Well that’s my question, I’ve got a brand new one and I don’t need it considering that I now have 4 copies. Email me with an offer at if you are interested.

Why do you have that many copies?

I second Sin’s question.

I third the questions, but also consider the need for it rather awesome.

I’m gonna have to go with Sin on this one.

It was an accident, I’ve had 2 open ones for awhile since I thought that the first copy I bought was causing me problems. Later I found out that it was my gameshark. I’ve got 2 unopened copies this week from ebay. The first one I bought was because I sent in an offer and he accepted it, and the second one I had bid on beforehand and forgot about it. Needless to say I ended up with 2 new/unopened copies this week.

You bought 3 DW7s on Ebay?

I offer you the services of Gunsmokemist, whom I bought for $7.52 on IRC, in exchange for a copy of DW7.

Well technically 4 because all of my copies came from there, but 2 of them were this week. The other 2 were several years ago.

I prefer you keep that.

So, you don’t want the services of lovely Miss GSM? Oh well. Your loss.

Mail it to me, and then we’ll work something out.

Hmmm… NO! If I don’t get an offer that is acceptable this will either end up on ebay or on my shelf going up in value.

Setz is an idiot and a thief, don’t even bother replying to him.

knee-jerk reaction IT MUST BE MINE!!! :wink:

I’ve only gotten 2 email on this and neither were from people on this forum. I believe this item will possibly go on ebay assuming I don’t get a good offer. I payed $55 for each copy which is cheap compared to what most of them go for on ebay and amazon.

People are looking for a deal.

People may have to look elsewhere because I got an offer from somebody on another forum to pay up to $70 for it.