Anybody looked close at the FF7:AC logo?

What am I looking at here?
This is the logo for FF7:AC. You can see how it duplicates the FF7 logo, but there’s something that it’s supposed to be evoking, and I’m not sure what it is. It looks like some kind of chemical diagram. Enlighten, please.

I don’t believe this is a spoiler, as it’s mentioned within minutes of the start of the movie, and is mentioned throughout, but I guess I’ll spoiler it anyway…

It’s related to the Geostigma, a disease that’s hit the world of Final Fantasy VII during the two years between the game and the movie.

Yes, I thought it might be related to that. Problem is, I’m not sure how it is related to Geostigma.

You dont need to post Geostigma as a spoiler, because every single person who posts on this board knows what it is by now, whether or not they’ve seen the film.

The logo looks like Midgar with the Mako Canon pointing to the upper right.

It does look a little bit more like Midgar than the Meteor that was represented on the original FFVII logo.

Anyway, my best guess is that they’re trying to give the movie’s logo (as well as the DVD menu screens) a sort of chemistry-lab appearance due to the nature of the Geostigma.